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Chameleon question(non taxidermy)

Discussion in 'Reptile Taxidermy' started by Aqhforever, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Well my nephews chameleon died this morning. He was very healthy and all of a sudden the last inch of his tail turned black. He was fine the night before this happened and my sister saw it first thing in the morning. We don't have any herp vets here and the one reptile shop has never herd of or seen anything like it. She called the breeder and they had the same reaction. They told her to put neosporine on it. It started looking a little better and he was eating. Last night he stoped eating and was acting funny. Obviously, he didn't make it. I'm wondering since most who do reptile taxidermy keep reptiles, has anyone herd or see anything like this. Just trying to help my sister out. She has a lot of mony in him and took very good care of him.

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  2. what kind of chameleon, how was it housed photos would be great
    you can also post on chameleon forums (google it)

  3. psycho

    psycho 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS!

    Sounds like a vitamin deficiency. I've had tons of lizards and the first sign of something wrong I usually boost their vitamins and calcium. Sometimes it seems to help and other times the wind up dead. Luck of the draw. If you want you can call the reptile house at the zoo and they usually will be more than happy to listen to you and try to help you out. Good luck. Dan
  4. JThomas

    JThomas New Member

    x2.... I have raised these little guys and gails on and off for years .. Also lighting , humidity and heating plays a big roll in them apposed to the more common lizards that we keep as pets.
  5. It could have also been from a shed that didn't work very well. If the skin got stuck, it would constrict the blood of the tail, until it died, and fell off. Though I don't know why this would ultimately cause the death of the chameleon.
  6. RMeadows

    RMeadows New Member

    Sadly chameleons are one of the more difficult reptiles to keep because they are extremely picky and get stressed easily. They even have difficulties keeping them at the zoos. It could have been anything from problems with the lighting or vitamin deficiency. I agree with simpleyork, a forum which focuses specifically on chameleons would be your best bet especially if you want to try and raise one again.
    I'm sorry to hear you lost it though. :(
  7. juliecolorado

    juliecolorado savagetaxidermy.com

    chameleonforums.com This is the forum I belong to. It's specifically directed towards chameleons, lots of info and guidance. I raise the veiled chameleons and will add panthers to the brood soon. Just getting a breeding program underway. Please check the forum out, it will help you.

    Julie Savage