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My brothers first buck (pix) & Cousins first deer (pic)

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Oak Leaf, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Oak Leaf

    Oak Leaf New Member

    My brother has been hunting for about 18 years now, but missed a few seasons due to the USMC and Iraq, etc...He has also passed up a lot of bucks because he really believes in QDM. I think he's nuts for not shooting a few of them for his first, but he only wants to kill mature bucks, he's shot plenty of does but.

    He just had his first child in August, 2months premature, so he's been so busy... this was actually his first hunt of the season!

    We almost didn't get to go because of his work and wife....But got out late on public land where we encountered two nice mature bucks last year. I got there a little before him, so I took a quick walk, since it was the first time on this property this year. Immediately I saw BIG rubs and backed out.

    When my brother arrived, I told him where the rub line was, walked near to it with him and wished him luck.

    We were both in late, so we both sat on the ground without blinds or stools or anything. Different spots but covering the same funnel on opposite ends because of the wind direction. the sit was only maybe 2 hours, but right before dark, my phone starts vibrating. It's my brother...He must have shot something.

    I answer, he tells me he just shot a buck. Good hit, heard it crash but he thinks he made a mistake. He thinks it was too SMALL.

    He knew it had a big body, but wasn't 100% sure it was truly mature because he thought the rack was kind of small.

    Anyway, I'm trying to condense the story, so long story short, I find the buck in the morning and have to wonder what kind of bucks my brother has been passing on all these years. LOL

    Doubling the 4 point side and using the 23" inside spread, he scored 137 and change. (not exactly sure how to score the big knife side, so that score is just for reference)....

    He dressed out somewhere over 200lbs. My scale only goes up to 200 and he bottomed it out...The shot was about 18 yards, but the buck passed him at 7 yards before he could draw. It was really thick where the shot took place so he was really lucky to get that 18 yard shot window as the buck was walking by. Said he only saw the spike side and a tine from the other and thought that was the whole rack.

    I had this buck at 3 yards on the ground last year and couldn't seal the deal. He busted me drawing.

    enough rambling....Heres his first buck:




    And while we're at it, here is our 11 year old cousins first bowkill.


  2. Great story! congrates to him on a unique buck!

  3. That is a cool looking deer for sure and should make for a great mount. Congrats to them both.
  4. Thats a neat looking buck for sure. Congrats to both.
  5. bearrug48

    bearrug48 Active Member

    Looks like they are both enjoying the hunting.
  6. 7-Point

    7-Point Active Member

    COngrats! Very nice deer to both of them.
  7. Outback 33

    Outback 33 U.S.A.

    Very Nice on both! Looks like a perfect shot on the doe.
  8. psycho

    psycho 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS!

    AWESOME! 8)
  9. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    Heck of a buck for his first one..Congratulations to them both !
  10. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Congrats to both on them.The character on that buck is really cool, love it! Thanks for sharing.