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Tutorials now available through SKYPE !

Discussion in 'Training' started by RDA, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    I'm introducing tutorials via SKYPE and hand drawn and written plans for ANY phase of taxidermy. I am currently working on artificial tree plans for a member here which involve complete schematics, materials needed, and specific directions for the making of artificial trees, and will include skype one on ones for the details such as texturing of bondo! This will also include phone and skype support for any problems encountered as well! YOu wont have to leave the shop to get these! :eek:

    some topics for example: Artificial trees,, artificial ROCKS, and building rocks for large scenes for sheep etc,,,
    Habitats and COMPOSITION plans from a to z.
    Species specific clay work before mounting
    Mannikin modifications
    Carving mannikins
    Carving bird bodies and heads
    BIrd mounting
    Secrets to certain bird poses!
    Mammal mounting
    EYE SeT procedures for birds an mammals
    Crocodile procedures
    Finishing procedures
    and much more! ;)

    All tutorials will include both skype, phone and written directions along with support after the tutorials.!

    40 years experience on animals from around the globe, including 8 years as a dept supervisor at Animal Artistry by Mike Boyce. Scenes for museums, complete trophy room designs and many other projects is what you will be getting.. SOme of my competition highlights are: Set the record for the fastest Award OF Excellence from the NTA, set a record for the fastest "masters" award in the Cali state association, and have numerous awards from state through the world level including best of shows, breakthrough awards and Akeley award from the WTC.

    Some things may not be workable through this system, but many more can be and in this time of economics, this could save $$$ while learning some new tricks.. Feel free to visit my website at www.nevadawildlifestudio.com and see the services section for samples from seminars here at the shop! For further info either pm or email me,, Thanks,, Ron
  2. Interesting Ronny. Are these free or are there associated cost per seminar?

  3. hardcase

    hardcase I can do all things through Christ.Philippians4:13

  4. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    Yes thes are charged for on an individual basis by time per hour...THe additional back up conversations are free of charge.. FOr instnace,,a Bird head seminar would take approx two hours of work in diagrams sent to you and the about two more hours on skype with actual visual instruction and tutoring. The cost would be 100.00 for the whole affair including whatever instruction you may need after the "seminar". Basically, 25.00 per hour...The hand written text on many projects will take a day or more and therefore the price goes up. I talk with each person to come up with a pre-negotiated price for their specific concerns or desires.
  5. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    my rock seminar would be one i highly recomend...Theres some silly easy tricks that are magic... ;)