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Allergic to cats!

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by jeff reeves, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. jeff reeves

    jeff reeves New Member

    I have a question to ask anyone who could answer.
    I am deathly allergic to cats and I usuallly have someone skin all of my cats for me (just get the carcass out). Then, I wash them with Dawn and PS-650 and I am then ok with them. I then am able to get the feet, head and tail out, flesh, salt and proceed with tanning. Problem is that I cannot find any ps-650 anywhere, when Mckenzie's bought Van Dykes, they dumped it. Where can I get this stuff and or what is a good repacement?
  2. What is in the PS-650 or what does it do? Is it for the tanning process or is it just to alleviate your allergies?

  3. jeff reeves

    jeff reeves New Member

    Since I wash these cats before I handle them, they are wet and prone to slipping. The ps-650 is a bactericide and stops slip before it happens.
  4. bearrug48

    bearrug48 Active Member

    Hope you can get something to replace it.
  5. bowhuntnnut

    bowhuntnnut 210-260-0190

    Not sure who carries the PS-650, possibly TASCO. But you can get Knoblochs skin prep NBU as a suitable replacement.
  6. little elk

    little elk Member

    I'm not sure if PS-650 is a Bruce Rittle product, if it is try the Rinehart(sp?) website. They have a lot of Bruce's product on that site. Hope this helps.
  7. ravenswings1

    ravenswings1 New Member

    Did you try a google search?
  8. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    Who manufactures it? I can't find much on the net about it. Does the label have any other info? Got the MSDS?
  9. jeff reeves

    jeff reeves New Member

    I don't know who manufactures it but if I dig deep enough on the internet, Bruce Rittel comes up. There wasn't much on the label but my dad still has a quart of it laying around and I will see if he has the msds on it. All I know is that I have been buying it at van dykes for years and suddenly since van dykes was bought out (again!) it was dumped. It seems as if someone gets a great product that you rely on, it suddenly goes away in this industry.....