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Got to meet another one of my Taxinet "heroes" in personn today!

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by pyeager1, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. pyeager1

    pyeager1 Active Member

    Today while in west Alabama I looked my ole Taxinet buddy "Ron B" up! Had an awesome time there viewing his live deer, shop and processing facilities! I also got to meet his family which were all wonderful people. He had two "Hee Haw" dogs that were cool as well. :D :D Had a great time Ron! I will be back to see you on your "off" day again! This is also the first picture of "Ron B" to be revealed on Taxinet I was warned! ;D

  2. elkevo

    elkevo Tailgate Bucks

    Wow! You two must have had some fun there, what ya holding there? Good scenery all about and that feeling of that place looks protected.ha ha

  3. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    Hi Ron ! Hi Perry ! Were you guys fixing to do some bird hunting. ::) Watch out Ron, Looks like Perry's trigger finger is getting itchy.
  4. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Damn. I'm jealous. Looks like there's about to be a party.
  5. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    you two could be a "homeland security" ad! ;D
  6. Don Jahner

    Don Jahner Well-Known Member

    Those are the type of pictures that make every other country think just how stupid it would be to invade the good ole USA.
  7. Ron B

    Ron B Life Sucks.....Then comes the death roll!!!!

    Perry, it was a pleasnt suprise to meet you in person today, and I also had a great time! You were nothing like what everyone on here was telling me ;) :p
    Seriously it was a good time. Come when ever you want, I am always here! Next time we will cook somethin and I promise it wont be rattlesnake ;)

    Hey, show them a picture of my "monster" deer standing in the door of the barn!!!! ;D
  8. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Looks like that whiskey steel is well protected. Looks like that shine runner car is ready to roll also. Just some good ole boys.
  9. pyeager1

    pyeager1 Active Member

    Here's Ron's "barn door" bouncer deer! I think it's name was "Killer"! :D :D

  10. I promised Ron I would not post his face on here.. Yep that still is protected. I swear I hear Banjos!
  11. Ron B

    Ron B Life Sucks.....Then comes the death roll!!!!

    Safest dam fourty acres in the country 8) 8) 8)
  12. Ron B

    Ron B Life Sucks.....Then comes the death roll!!!!

    Hey JohnC Since my secret is now out and all the taxinet chicks are "slapping their husbands" around the world, do you still have my "monster" trout picture? Might as well post it and make EVERYBODY jealous! ;) :eek:
  13. psycho

    psycho 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS!

    Looks like a bunch of damn trouble is bout to be eliminated. LOL ;D
  14. Ron,

    Looks like you are well protected from Bigfoot! ;D

  15. Ron B

    Ron B Life Sucks.....Then comes the death roll!!!!

    Protected indeed! Down right immune you might say!

    And yes, those guns are full autos! That m14 will pump out 600 rounds a minute! And yes, they are legaly owned! All my paper work is in order!

    (Shut up Perry or I will tell them what a p#@$y you were about going inside the deer pen with the bucks) :mad: :-X :-X :-X :-X ;D ;)
  16. DL

    DL Well-Known Member

    The Eagle's song Heartache Tonight came to mind when I saw that picture.
  17. Hey Perry...ya better elaborate on the "HeeHaw" dogs.....our Northern friends may not get it....LOL
  18. Awww! It looks like you had a great time! If anyone this way is open to having a visitor, I'd love to meet up!
  19. pyeager1

    pyeager1 Active Member

    LMAO! surely they know what "Hee Haw" is/was!? Anyway, here's a link that shows the dog. (aka bloodhound) ::) :D

  20. Mason

    Mason Active Member

    Sounds and looks like Ya had a good time Perry