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skulls,skins, and other items

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by skunk23, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. skunk23

    skunk23 New Member

    i have well clean and free from smell skulls,skins,skeletons of the following items
    5 male black casqued hornbills
    5 female black casqued hornbills
    4 white tied
    2 pipping hornbill
    also have well salted horn bills,hawks,palm nut vulture,quills,crew, and other birds skins,
    monkey skulls
    hornbills skeletons
    hawks skulls
    bat skins
    please if interested will accept (COO)delivery.
    thanks and contact via [email protected] for pictures and information.

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  2. chickenhawk


    I wish u were in the US. I'd buy all kinds of stuff off u. Especially skulls (monkey)

  3. Fishpaw

    Fishpaw New Member

    So is this stuff legal to import? What sort of paperwork needs to be done?
  4. zifdenpants

    zifdenpants Member

    There is certain paperwork that needs to go along, but when dealing with someone directly out of Africa... well... you might as be sending your money to a deposed Nigerian prince.
  5. DL

    DL Well-Known Member

    The hawk skull should be a warning.
  6. skunk23

    skunk23 New Member

    i am not in Nigerian,read my posted massage and try to sort out the words i will never want to rip people off and why should i?i am looking to do good business not ripping people off

    interested person should contact me for details pictures
  7. skunk23

    skunk23 New Member