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Sign stealing

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by NancyJ, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. We all work hard for our money. So we get these really nice signs made and put them around. Some how they have disappeared and another taxidermy sign has appeared in their place. (I got a phone call from some guy I don't even know telling me about it) I don't mind competition, but think stealing it pretty low. I could steal the other signs, but I am not that way. Just want mine back.

  2. Same thing happened at our old location. But the sign wasn't replaced by a competitor's. They were just stolen. Finally hung one up with two chains in a tree, out of easy reach and it stayed.

    Maybe you can put one in a location where it keeps disappearing from and have a video/game cam pointed towards it. (Secure the camera, or they'll take it too...)

  3. jim tucker

    jim tucker Active Member

    i used to have a guy who styole my cards and signs anywhere he saw them.
  4. Cathy

    Cathy N.E.A.T President

    Did you go to the police? Sounds like there is a lead on this one.
  5. I called the taxidermist and asked if he know where 3 of my signs went, and that his seemed to appear where mine were and he said he didn't take them and that he wouldn't. Maybe he just knows people???/
  6. I made up some really nice posters this year with professional photos of my work. It has a little blank square in the corner where I fasten a pad of business cards so people can rip one off at a time. I had one taxidermist pin his card in the center of the deer on my poster, I had another take my pad of business cards off and put his business card on it! I contacted them both, and emailed them the photo of my poster with their card on it... both denied doing it. Maybe I am just gullible, but I kind of believed them. I know my family has tons of my business cards that they hang up for me - so maybe it was one of their friends trying to "help" them out? It still made me pretty mad though lol ...
  7. Could be someone just trying to stir up trouble and/or doing it for the laughs.
    In years past, I would take a stack to our local Wal Mart (same one that let a guy 60 miles from us local taxis set up a display, but not us). I'd come back in a few minutes and they'd all be gone. Happened on several occaions, so I know it was someone there doing it. Wouldn't surprise me if it had been ordered by one of the managers, as there was a lot of 'back scratching' going on between that taxi and the head honchos at Wally World.
  8. NAV

    NAV Frontier Taxidermy

    We have a couple guys who run a shop and are notorious for taking everyones cards and fliers down during hunting season except for theirs. When confronted about it they said it was just business and see nothing wrong with it. They work check stations and bad mouth all taxidermist in the area, both at the check stations and over the phone. They continually run adds on Craigslist slamming all other taxidermist. They even pressue people so much at check stations as to getting the hunters upset. Recently a deers hide was cut with a knife at one of the check stations they work at, ruining the cape, after the hunter said he was taking it to someone else. Not saying they did it, but the evidence points in one direction. These guys don't care who they hurt or piss off, and right now all the taxidermist I know in the area are quite upset with their unethical business ethics.
  9. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    Ugh people are disgusting, just when I think I've heard it all :/
  10. rigbobby

    rigbobby Active Member

    Things like that are why I don't advertise with posters, cards and mounts out on location etc.
  11. double barrel

    double barrel New Member

    I'd go and confront em. I'd tell em, "look here you sign stealing somebeach, you ain't even gonna get a chance to clear leather on that hawg leg before I put daylite in your liver".
  12. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I hang my cards on a cork board at Gander Mountain, I went in and someone at the store organized the board, guys were pining up cards everywhere, someone organized it and put all the cards in columns. Nice and neat, there are 4 other taxidermist that hang cards, everybody has to play fair there now that someone is keeping the board neat. It's about time.
  13. Vicki???? Bones??????
  14. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Very often the missing signs and cards are the work of well meaning customers, including the addition of their favorite taxidermists card in its place. But missing signs replaced with their signs, thats a moron telling you he did it, lol.

    One other thing...if you set out signs and theyre missing without a replcement, you MIGHT be setting them where its illegal, and theyre being removed.

    To me, set your sign where you are, and maybe set one professionally where traffic can be directed toward you. Those little fold up signs and garage sale style notices are too chessy, in my opinion. We have one here that sets signs out saying he will cut your deer for free if you bring him the head...shows up on every intersection...would YOU bring work to him?
  15. Ours used to get thrown in the trash at the local Gander Mountain by a guy working in the gun department. Every time we replaced our cards in two days they were gone. I complained to the manager that something was up. After about a week of watching he caught the guy. He was friends with our competitors. After that, the only cards were allowed on a cork board adjacent to the cash registers.
  16. Mirror Image

    Mirror Image Member

    You guys are way to Nice!