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large whitetail deer cape

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by tschuppan, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. tschuppan

    tschuppan New Member

    looking for deer cape to replace one my tannery screwed up it was 7 3/4 by 26" 3" down from ears any help would be great customer knows how big it was so it needs to be 26"
  2. I have a wet-tanned Canadian 7/34 x 24 x 27 whitetail cape for sale. It was from a 267 lb. deer....it is long cut. These are the meat measurements, not around the hair. $325.00 includes shipping.

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  3. tschuppan

    tschuppan New Member

    would you happen to have any pictures of the cape I'm very interested in the cape I just need to make sure it is at least 26" around the neck 3 " down from ears. this one sounds like it would be something that would work. If you need to call me at 4026507889 my name is Travis
  4. Pic added.
  5. tschuppan

    tschuppan New Member

    Sorry it looks like it is just a little to short but thank you
  6. Good morning tschuppan, The deer cape pic is misleading. I will unthaw it and take a pic that shows a better view of the actual size. That pic was one I took this summer. The cape does go 24" tight at the neck and will go 26-27 3" back.
  7. tschuppan

    tschuppan New Member

    Thanks len I just need to make sure that this deer makes the full 26" mark this is a really good custermer of mine and I would like to make sure i get a full size replacement.
  8. I will make sure and get you the pic. If it doesn't make it for sure, I will let you know.
  9. patrick

    patrick Member

    have 25 right behind ear tanned extra long also prepped comp quality cape $450 shippped email [email protected]