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Anyone Else Just Have Bad Luck With Shipped Items?

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by PacWest, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. PacWest

    PacWest Active Member

    Last week, received a salmon blank from reputable fish blank company. They packed it really well, but it was damaged several ways to sunday when I got it. Not fish company's fault.

    This week, received large wood plaque from reputable company. Packed better than I could ever pack. Result: Dented and scratched. Not shipper's fault.

    This week, received small blank from reputable company. Packed like a dream with triple redundancy. Result:Broken tail. Not fish company fault

    The only way that USPS and UPS could cause that much damage is if they drop kick boxes and stomp on them. They either hate taxidermists or they just hate civilians in general.
  2. K Kave

    K Kave New Member

    Same here ups must drop ship everything or what I call drop kick. :mad:

  3. Right when your post started, the first thing that popped into
    my head was UPS.
  4. Mirror Image

    Mirror Image Member

    UPS employee's get paid to much and don't give a ****. IMO
  5. Even though it doesn't sound like it was the suppliers fault, I would call to let them know. I used to just write off the amount and sent the customer a new panel. Now though, with what it cost to ship a box, I take the time to file a claim. If the box was packed properly, the supplier shouldn't be out the cost in reshipping and the customer shouldn't have to pay for a damaged product.

    Several years ago, I had seen our driver toss a 40-50lbs. box of panels, 5-8ft. into his truck. I said "no wonder our panels get damaged" his response to me was "they get tossed around, dropped from 10ft. off the belts, and kicked around ALOT worse than that once they leave your building". From that point on, everytime we get a new person in the shipping department, I take one of their packed boxes, stand on a table, and toss it to the ground. If I open it, and the panel is not damaged, they did a good job, if it's damaged, then they need to figure out a better way to pack it. Every once in a while, we still get a call about a damaged box, but it's still a good way to show them, just how rough the boxes can be treated. I had even called our sales rep. and asked if it would help if we put "fragile" stickers on the box, and he said that wouldn't make bit of difference.

    So, my advise would be for you to file a claim or have the supplier file a claim. Maybe if they had enough claims they would take a better look at how they handle the boxes. They ship millions of boxes per day, so they are bound to make a mistake along the way. We (the suppliers) or you (the customers) shouldn't have to eat the cost though, if the box was packaged properly. IMO! :)
  6. Were the boxes crushed?
  7. PacWest

    PacWest Active Member

    They weren't crushed, but they had bends or dents. I have kicked the crap out of boxes before and there wasn't even a dent. It is impossible to prove what happened and if a box is packed well, it won't crush anyway. Bad stuff happens.
  8. Sounds like the items were damaged prior to shipping.