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Small mammals- Glider, Prairie Dog, Cavies, African Porcupine +

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by spectrumranch, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Baby African Pocupine, has damage to feet and ears from adults when it passed away.
    Asking $75 OBO + shipping

    Adult Cremello male Sugar Glider, has damage to one foot
    Asking $75 OBO + shipping

    young Prairie Dog that got out of the pen when I was feeding and the dog grabbed it before I could.
    Asking $50 OBO + shipping

    Baby Patagonian cavy, looks dark cause it is wet in the photo.
    Asking $75 OBO + shipping

    Adult Patagonian Cavy
    Asking $150 OBO + shipping

    Should have some little potbelly pigs left- when i get to the bottom of the freezer. They are from last winter.
    Asking $15 ea OBO + shipping

    Have 3 baby B&W striped skunks that are about 8 weeks old, they were not descented yet when they died.
    Asking $50 ea OBO + Shipping
    Won't have photos until I get time to dig around in the freezer.
  2. GSD

    GSD New Member

    I'm not seeing a price on the little prairie dog....?

  3. Thanks, I missed that, quess I should proof read. Went back and added it in.
  4. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    Oh lord I wish I had some extra money laying around. Sending a PM about the piglets
  5. X2 - You have some really cool stuff! Love the dog :)
  6. Need to make room in the freezer, so will consider offers.
  7. AliciaG

    AliciaG Museum taxidermist and exhibit preparator

    PM sent...
  8. [​IMG]

    6 week old mini donkey foal- $250 + shipping (whole frozen)


    still born lamb- $25 + shipping

    I also have a 2 week old Bison heifer calf, whole frozen in the freezer, I didn't have the camera when it died to get photos before packing it up- but if someone is interested I could unpack it and get photos frozen. $300

    Also had a baby Tibetian yak calf still born last, now whole frozen. It was born at our WI farm so I only have a photo that my brother sent via phone. It is black with 2 white back feet and a white star on forehead- $225 + shipping.

    I have a mini horse foal and a baby llama in the freezer yet too- will try to find photos when I get time.
  9. Das-Mimi

    Das-Mimi It's hard to live in CA and like Taxidermy...

    Checking state laws for sugar glider parts to CA
  10. bell4252

    bell4252 New Member

    How big is the prairie dog.
  11. trapper9990

    trapper9990 New Member

    If you still have the sugar glider let me know and ill take him.
  12. It is a young Prairie Dog, about 2/3 grown.

    Sugar Glider and adult Cavy are sold.

    Talked with a friend that has an adult cavy for skull or skeleton available, not in good fur for taxidermy.
  13. Mini Horse foal- that did not make it out of sack.
  14. i think i got all private messages returned.
  15. Unpacked the bison calf and got a picture. Listed it on ebay:

  16. Is the Baby Cavy still available? About how long is it?

  17. Yes the baby cavy is still available, I will dig around in the freezer for it to get an idea on lenght.
  18. The baby cavy is frozen compressed into a ball shape- measuring around it from tail- around the top of back to the head it is roughly about 10 inches. But yet it is small enough that it fits in a small ziplock bag.

    Check out the bison calf auction- I am not sure of the value, I have it started at $150 plus shipping. Which is a quarter of what I paid for it on the bottle, before it caught pneumonia. Buy the bison and I can ship them together!