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Grey fox's or other very pretty not red fox's

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by nitsukiaoi, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. nitsukiaoi

    nitsukiaoi Judge me however you want

    Currently on a hunt for some pretty and bright marked Grey fox. Green frozen or tanned would be nice. Would prefer a fully mountable fox, not a wall hanger. Damage must be little. Looking for it to be brought back to life to be kept in a home.

    Trapped, swift and effective, quick kill or shot.

    Please provide links to pictures or email them to me.
    Price range is around 20-140 (green frozen, + 60 for tanned) not over, and only that high for high quality.
  2. jhits

    jhits Active Member

    I have dry tanned Calif. mountain grey foxes for sale Cased skinned with feet & claws. Email [email protected]

  3. Triple L

    Triple L New Member

    I have one or two north alabama gray's in the freezer i would be willing to part with for 100 plus shipping. If you are interested, let me know and i will thaw and take pictures.
  4. nitsukiaoi

    nitsukiaoi Judge me however you want

    I have a price range set up there for a reason. We have to work with a limited amount of money. And I'm not sure. Can you take pictures for me. Please. My friend is extra picky and wants a pretty one.
  5. PM me if this suits your needs I was going to mount it for myself. .22 short in the heart no foot damage.

  6. nitsukiaoi

    nitsukiaoi Judge me however you want

    still looking