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Fleshing Services'

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by triston9501, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Dear Fellow Taxidermist,

    I'm looking for 5-10 people who want to outsource their fleshing on deer capes. I'm new to the site and understand the doubts but I'm here to make a difference. I live in the Northwest corner of Alabama and have been doing taxidermy for 3 yrs and I'm looking for regular customers only. I have a paypal account set up from selling a few trapping supplies on eBay and proud to say I have 100% positive feed back. This would provide an easy way to pay the fleshing bills when the work is completed.

    I'm trying real hard to establish a positive position here on the taxi net and have learned alot by asking questions and reading post from those before me. I attended a deer mounting course offered by Paul Witt in Belmont MS in order to produce a better mount for my customers. I purchased the equipment to flesh my own skins with the hope of establishing a fleshing service to provide a source of income while I build a business to live from. Paul showed me the method he does to preserve the hides and I'll be doing the same because its simple and works. The price per hide will be 45.00 and I will make sure it's done right. I am also doing some wet tanning for another taxidermist close to me and would be glad to offer that service also.

    I outsourced my fleshing at one time and was very unpleased with the length of time it took to get the hides back and that's why you have my word to complete your hides in a respectfull time. I know myself the frustrations associated with a job that should have been returned 3months earlier. If you are in need of outsourcing some of your fleshing work, please give me a call and we can talk about how and when to ship and set a turnaround time that will be workable for the both of us.

    I spent 22 years in MGT. with several Poultry companies and have decided to work for myself the 2nd half of my working career. Prior to finishing college at Mississippi State University in 1992 I served my country in Operation Desert Storm as a combat medic and will always have respect for those who are serving near and far to protect the USA.


    Michael Stevens
    Hill Country Taxidermy
    Russellville, Alabama 35653
    256 460 8751(cell)
  2. racks tax

    racks tax New Member

    how much for fleshing and wet tan together?

  3. well?