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Best way to mount my deer.

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by brad1116, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. brad1116

    brad1116 New Member

    First off i am new to taxidermy and new to this forum. I have a buck i killed this year that part of his right rear leg missing, so therefore his left side of his rack was deformed.I want to mount him but wondering which pose would be best to show off his good side. Some advice on different poses, mannikan companies, head up or down etc. Any advice or even pics would be helpful.Thanks alot.

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  2. paul e

    paul e New Member

    your asking a very basic ?
    and i will address this as to a beginner so dont get offended

    choosing a form is going to be one of the basic things you will do
    developing a feel or instinct as to what will make it look the best is something of a art
    if you grow to love the art of taxidermy and stay at a youll look back at things you did when starting out and go wow did i do this or that

    nobody can make the form choice the correct one
    its your deer youll have to figure this out
    we have a great host of great supply companies to choose from
    i like quite a few and choose different ones for different things and sizes

    my favorite form is the su series in mears(thats just me)

    but Mckenzie has a great number to choose from including Mears
    others may chime in with their choice

    jump on in
    and learn to have tough skin
    youll need it in here
    ask a stupid ? and youll get a tongue lashing but its all fun lmao
    there is a treasure of info in the archives and also from some of the best talented taxidermist in the country that
    give from their hard earned years of doing the art
    get some dvds and as much reference as you can
    join your state association and go to siminars
    and then after a couple of years come back to this post

    youll probably know more than me by then

  3. I'm far from an expert but here is my advise;

    One thing you'll need to know is where you plan on putting the finished mount. If it will be in a corner on a room for example, you may not want your mount looking at the wall but instead have it looking toward the center of the room.

    If planning on the center of the wall, it pretty much won't matter.

    You may want the larger rack more towards the viewer and the smaller side sorta hidden against the wall.

    Ear position may help create an illusion to make the smaller side appear bigger. Example, the ear back on the smaller rack side and ear forward on the larger rack side or vice versa to make the smaller side appear fuller.

    If you look through some of the catalogs long enough, you'll eventually find a pose that catches your fancy. The next step is finding a form that matches your measurements.

    I'm sure there are some with more experience that coiuld chime in and offer better advise. They were in your shoes once too.

    Good luck!
  4. Oak Leaf

    Oak Leaf New Member

    If I get to choose or offer my suggestion....I have someone else hold the rack in different positions and step back. Whatever makes it look the biggest or the coolest is what I try to go with.

    Warning!!! PAY ATTENTION to the pictures in the catalogs too. Many are photographed from an angle, and they look great....but some are photographed from an angle that you won't see when you hang it on the wall. Once it's hung it may only be able to be viewed from straight on and one side, but in the catalog it was turned a lot more. Suddenly the view you have isn't anything like what's pictured on page 35..... Just take that into consideration.

    As was also mentioned, it depends on where you can put it. You don't want it staring at the wall our out a window like it's day-dreaming of the day it gets to leave your house. lol

    Most times strong side closer to the viewer seems to be what people choose, but personally, I think the angle he's on in the pic might do him some great justice. Put the weak side forward on a turn like that and he looks wider than he probably is...and the back antler is still clearly visible with all it's points sillhouted on the wall.

    We're still trying to choose a pose for my brothers buck from this year. Similar to yours but opposite. One side is a 26" spike with a brow tine, the other is a basic 4 point side. At first we thought put the strong side out, but we're really liking weak side out now and angled enough to show width but shove the mass of the spike in your face. We'll see....We've tried it on multiple forms that I have for other people this year and we're still not sure. LOL

    Try to view it from different angles though and find a pose that will get you near the one you like best. It is your deer afterall.

    Congrats by the way. ---Matt