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Best Texas Exotic Hunting We take care of your clients

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Texashillcountry, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Texashillcountry

    Texashillcountry Active Member

    We have some of the best priced Texas exotic hunting.
    We will take care of yoyur clients, care for the cape and horns/antlers
    Have them either ready to take back or send them to you.
    We have a meat processing shop for the meat.
    We hunt 350 days a year

    Oryx hunts Meat (broken horns) $695 We have 40" reproduction horns
    Cow hunts 30-36" horns $1600
    Cow hunts 36+ horns $1900
    Bull hunts 35"- horns $2200
    Bull hunts 35-40" $3500
    Bull hunts 40"+ $4500

    Addax starting at $1900

    Axis does $250 Bucks $1,200-$2000
    Fallow does $250 Bucks $1,500 - $2000
    Blackbuck does $250 Bucks $1,200-2000
    Sika 4x4 mature $950
    Red Deer Ciows (hinds) $450 Bulls $600-$8,000
    Every kind of sheep and size

    Day fee is $150 per person, 2 person minimum.
  2. Rabidbowhunter

    Rabidbowhunter New Member

    Where is the ranch located? How much are you getting for the sheep?

  3. Bagger99

    Bagger99 New Member

    Do you have a web site? and where in Texas?
  4. They do checkout their profile.
  5. msestak

    msestak Well-Known Member