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Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by wingman, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. babak

    babak Active Member

    Eugene and Ben ,awesome work!
  2. [​IMG]

  3. falco

    falco Trapping is fun

    I originally did a Golden eagle in this pose and right after that this gentleman ordered his Red tail to be done the same way,, ofcourse with a little bit of wing position change.
    Overall , it was ok,, he had alot of old frayed feathers.


    Here is a back view of how its attached to the scenery:

    Head study:
  4. Wouter

    Wouter Member

    Great hawk Falco, very lifelike. Did you notice your customer with the two owls and the white mink posted them on this forum as well because he's so happy with your work?
  5. kikkertinz

    kikkertinz Glass half full

  6. awesome
  7. KansasBuck

    KansasBuck New Member

    I'm no expert, but your birds look great to me Feather. Wish we could do those here.
  8. Two mounts I recently completed during a training course offered by Eugene Streekstra, aka Wingman!

    If you are looking for a way to increase the quality or speed of your bird work, I would HIGHLY recommend considering a training course from Wingman. The techniques and procedures he incorporated in the 5-day course were AMAZING!! He didn’t just apply a standard training template, he developed a training plan customized to meet my personal needs.

    Thanks Wingman for an awesome week of training. I would do over in a heartbeat! Jeff.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Glass eye

    Glass eye Active Member


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  10. babak

    babak Active Member

    glass eye,nice air birds and wing waves!
  11. babak

    babak Active Member

    FEATHER,that's one of the best I've every seen!!great job!
  12. Nice work everyone.

    Hate the bird but decided to post it since it's the first one I've finished in two years. I called my brother after skinning it out and told him it wasn't worth mounting (one wing broken, the other shattered, broken leg), but he really wanted it done and talked me into doing it for him. Can't blame it all on the shoddy specimen...lot of errors made on my part.
  13. Great mounts everyone! Want to quick share this beautiful turkey mount done by Chris Dischler of Nature's Own Taxidermy out of Spring Green WI. Chris used our Walnut Hollow Oak Two Tier Bases in this competition mount. Chris was awarded a First Place Blue in the Masters Division and the NWTF Best Turkey Award at the 2012 Wisconsin Show. I'm fired up to go Turkey hunting, just need the weather to straighten out!!

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  14. smalliestalker

    smalliestalker and a river runs through it.

    Feather, indeed there are lot of wonderful projects displayed here. But I gotta say, this Osprey somehow strikes me as one of my favorites. GREAT job. I cannot tell from the angle, but with the "wet head" so well done on the bird, a wet fish and foot would be neat too.
  15. JBird

    JBird Member

    Feather - definately a beautiful job on the Osprey - if you notice on the edge of each feather it comes to a point and had a tiny "frey" this is because its a juvenile bird - those tips are were the down breaks off the shaft as the mature feathers first grow in - this is a bird just out of the nest and flying - once it molts into its second set of feathers the feathers will have a more rounded edge and will lose that buff colored tip -

    great mount

  16. RedTx

    RedTx Member

    Not the level of most of you guys but I feel im progressing and felt like sharing.


  17. babak

    babak Active Member

    GREAT works RedTX,

    Not the level of ALL of you guys but I feel im progressing and felt like sharing.


  18. RedTx

    RedTx Member

    Nice job Babak!
  19. FeatherHorn

    FeatherHorn New Member

    Hey babak, why is it when I click on your pic to get a closer look at your chuckar it takes me to some bullshit Iranian website?

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  20. babak

    babak Active Member

    RedTx,thank you my friend.
    Jeff,i don't know why,i have the same problem with these photo upload websites in iran,i am at work till 10 hours ,when i come back home i can post ya larger one with email.send me you email in PM.