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The Month in Fish Pictures" ~Year 5~ Happy New Years 2012 Edition!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Rick Krane, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Yep this is really a great month so far. I have been to busy to take pictures and all that so I will be a pig next month maybe.
    Kevin great job on that blank, your fish are really looking good man. rw super nice replicas and I look forward to judging with
    you in March.
  2. Kevin Halle

    Kevin Halle Well-Known Member

    Randy, that blank was very easy to work with. I love the fins! Thanks again for a fine product!!

  3. Thanks everybody, and Randy same here about the judging, see you Sunday.
  4. Rick Krane

    Rick Krane Fish Taxidermist/ Judge/ Sculptor/ Instructor

    WOW!!!! Man oh Man unbelievable works of fish art going on around the world!!! Where to start! Go Big I always say and our good and talented friend Mr Kenneth Bauman really should be commended on such a project! Outstanding Kenneth! Our very gifted and always humble friend Dan Blackstone I got my month fish Eye candy out of the way Well done and increasable beauty in fish work my friend! Very Special inspirations this months and con grads goes out to Always artist Josh K, very cool stuff young fella! Don P way cool reproduction work my friend! How about the PA fellows! Jeff C and Paul C (No relations LOL) the salmo species well represented Boys! Killer Brown Jeff way to go and a spectacular Atlantic!!! Cool fish for sure! Michigan is well represented!!! Randal Waites my friend has truly become a inspirational fish artist exceptional!!! Timjo posted before or not very cool Bass and always very nice work my friend! Kevin H Kick Ass Blue Gil!!!! How about the NY fishheads!!! Riderlow 23 some fishy looking fish displays there well done!!!! My Son Jimmy Lawrence still doing fish that look like fish!!!! Outstanding!!!!!! Africa has a Fish Giant in fish work!!! Raine your work has come so far my friend beautiful Rainbow!!! Over in My Wifes Home State WI Brian killer Walleye and love the wood back ground too! The Great State TN is well represented Finmaster Man those are some great fish! My Beautiful and Talented Museum Fish artist From Latvija none other then our friend Sarmītes !!!! Your work is inspiring and your new Web site is incredible I spent 1/2 hour looking at the site well done! How about our friend Rob Crawford from Down Under in Australia wit his Golden Perch and Brown trout! Well Done! Last but never lease out good freind from NY Mr. Rich Benedict!!! Such a wonderful guy and a great talent always motivational inspiration from your works of art Rich!

    For sure there will be lots more work this moth that will blow us all away and a true family of the Worlds greta fish artist come to share with us each and every month!!! I hope your 2012 brings you great inspiration and success!

    My Best!

    Your friend

    Rick Krane
  5. Brian W

    Brian W Active Member

    GREAT work so far and love the head shots Rick so I'll continue that theme:

    Attached Files:

  6. Very Very nice Brian, I like that!!
  7. Jason S

    Jason S New Member

    Wow!! What an awesome start to the New Year. Love the reference photos Mr Krane!! :eek: And That Gar is killer! Here's a customer's piece. 2 of the blanks are from Taxi.net's own Randy B (lower right) and one front and center is from Dondi. I Hope everyone had a joyous holiday season.

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  8. Nice looking Eye eye Brian.Great work Jason I really love those Perch.
  9. Jason,
    Thanks for posting !
    You did a great job on those perch...definitely did them justice. Excellent color and spot detail !
    Keep up the good work..
  10. wishbone

    wishbone New Member

    great looking perch jason!

    customer walleye for me

  11. Jason S

    Jason S New Member

    Thanks guys. Nice walleye Wishbone! I like the position of the mouth on that one.
  12. 7-Point

    7-Point Active Member

    Nice walleye wishbone. I also like the bass mount in the corner of the pic, I've never thought about putting a mount in a corner like that, that's a great idea, plus you can't see the seam or anything!
  13. Sikk

    Sikk Member

    here is a LCR BSM20.0-1, paul

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  14. 7-Point

    7-Point Active Member

    Beautiful mount Sikk!
  15. kikkertinz

    kikkertinz Glass half full

    Sikk!! that is what that smallmouth is
  16. rnviper3

    rnviper3 New Member

    Wow is all I can say. Its been a long time since I posted on this thread. I know why now. I'm almost embarrassed to show my work next to the great work here. This is a skin mount walley just finished and out the door. I didn't get a picture of the one just before this one that I thought was a little better. Again great work to every poster this month.

    Attached Files:

  17. Sarmite

    Sarmite Active Member

    Here is a little restoration work "before and after" - customer didn't want any sculpting on head because in this way his trophy (from year 1996) will loose authenticity ;)
    He was happy :D
  18. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    Great work Sarmite!! I'm sure he was proud and happy!
  19. New to taxi net. Im 24 years old from Dundee,MI Been doing some taxidermy for a couple years now. Hoping to make it to my first taxi competition in Grand Rapids this spring. Looking forward to learning from the great taxidermist here on taxi net.

    Here are some pics of a couple smallmouths and a yellow perch i just finished up. Second smallie is one of my own i just finshed up this past summer.




  20. rp

    rp Member

    Thanks alot Rick. U guy's that side of the pond give me so much inspiration , words can't describe how much I appreciate all the help.
    I have made alot of good friends from over there. U guy's can see some of my work on facebook now under Angler's Pride Reproductions

    Thanks again to all of u fellow fisheads and may u have one heck of a fishy year