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gettin ready to mount a king salmon

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by r.rase78, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. hey everyone i am about ready to do my 1st salmon got my 1st one this fall a 3foot male and a 3 foot female. i bought the mike othober form and cast head and also his vid. i am going to do the female first. i have been using true tan for my fish but just bought a couple gallons of denatured alchohol that i plan on mixing with equal parts of h2o in a lage clear tote. will this be a good way to preserve skin (tan)? i froze the salmon whole in the freezer wrapping in wet towel then placing in plastic bag. is this the proper way to store fish? i got some borax as well that i think ill rub on fish and coat as i am skinning. ok so this is my game plan anyone see any flaws or have anytips for me they will be greatly appreciated. im gonna complete the mounting process. then i will have to start to woory about painting wich might be hard because i see there is not much info on painting spawning chinooks. (dark river run color) thanks for lookin everyone:)
  2. Monty Artrip

    Monty Artrip Active Member

    Reguardless of the method you use to preserve the skin,( the denatured alcohol will be ok) you will definately need to degrease it first. I like the Epo-Grip Bloodout/Degreaser personally, but the Bollmans will work and some folks use mineral spirits with success. Being a spawning fish you may also use a little Dawn detergent on the skin as you are skinning it to help loosen the grease as you are scraping. Make sure you thoroughly flesh the skin. I personally like to use reproduction fins on any coldwater fish, it will eliminate shrinkage as well as grease which will be trapped between the fin roots. It is good you are getting your game plan together before tackling this. I feel coldwater fish are not really more difficult, they just must be dealt with differently. Most problems arise when folks who rarely do them attempt to use the same techniques as they would on a warm water fish. Good luck to you and hope this helps!!

  3. thx monty i got some epo bllood out degreaser and i will use to wash fish after skinnin. i am goin to try and use real fins and see what happens. again thanx monty:) appreciate the input.
  4. Paul C

    Paul C New Member

    I would think twice about using the real fins on any king....much less a spawning one. King fins are VERY fleshy and fatty and will shrink horribly and bleed grease forever. If you do manage to seal them sufficiently to prevent the grease problem you are still going to have a ridiculous amount of work rebuilding the fins to their natural state. Heck of a lot easier to pick up the phone and order a set from Lake Country and you'll have a better product.
    Good luck with your venture.
  5. yeah can see were the fins would be a lil fleshy. i ll have to see how well i can get them before putting in tan maybe order some fins but it would be nice to keep it original. maybe some good apoxie practice:) thanks for the advise paul i appreciate it very much
  6. Ive only done 3 now but, I use the real fins, but cut the paired fins right off to clean them and soak in dawn then DA. weather you use real or cast fins you have to re-build the fin butts. You can really get in and clean them out that way and they come out real nice. When skinning, spawners scales are so tough so you can really scrape the fat and grease off without much concern. I know a guy that used to use a fleshing wheel on spawning kings! cant say that for the silver fish though, you just look at them and the scales pop off! Also, Id coat the fish in borax before you freeze too.
  7. i am not suere what you mean about cutting paired fins off?
  8. Brian W

    Brian W Well-Known Member

    You cut the pelvic and pec fins off.........