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"Corn stubble coyote"..........

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by newbie2008, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. newbie2008

    newbie2008 New Member

    Here is coyote and a whitetail that went out the door last night. The guy took both of them on the same hunt...
  2. phoenix-cry

    phoenix-cry Active Member

    I really like them both, but the base for the coyote is awesome! Great idea!

  3. muscle20

    muscle20 New Member

    Nice work!
  4. newbie2008

    newbie2008 New Member

    Thank you for the compliments Phoenix & Muscle!!! The owner loved both of them.....
  5. 7-Point

    7-Point Active Member

    Awesome mounts. I love that base for the coyote. I need to learn to do that because almost everything I shoot is in a cornfield.
  6. srholmes30

    srholmes30 Living each and every day

    Awesome work,love the habitat
  7. Great work on them both.
  8. Thats a BEAUTY of a dog!
  9. newbie2008

    newbie2008 New Member

    Thanks again for the responses!!!!!!!!! "7 Point", I see you visit here quite often, I can tell you the way I did the base if you'd like. Inexpensive, fairly easy to make. PM me if you'd like. Thanks again!!!!!!
  10. Nice job on both.