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Deer head number 5! Let me have it!

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by mountin man, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. map1281

    map1281 New Member

    This is what i'm talking about, people who think they know it all, we are in the beginners section of this forum, so maybe you need to stay out of it if your not willing to give positive advice, your apparently way better then all of us.
  2. Mr T, with all do respect, you don't have to reply or give me any input at all!

    I posted it for people who like to look and like to help others learn! Believe it or not I have noticed that there are several people on here that like to help others learn. If you don't, that's fine. If you want to run a guy down for tryin to learn in his own, that's fine to. I personally don't know you but I would assume that once you where a beginner and once you mounted your 5 th deer and had this site been around you would've probably put pics on here to have people look at your work and tell you what you should improve on! And had you of done that some people would have probably posted about how you where wasting time and material! So it's all good to me! Im proud of what I've done so far and I will keep trying and when time and money allows I will probably get some training. Until then I will keep "wasting" MY hard earned money and doing something I enjoy doing, and I will keep posting pics for the people who like to help to look at and for any others to get mad about! Thanks to all involved!

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  3. Thanks again Michael! I appreciate the pointers and I see I need way more reference than what I have.

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  4. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I did not run down anybody. I gave you good advice. When I started, I wish someone would have told me to go get a lesson or two, but no, I made 20 clunkers and proudly hung them in my living room, I was proud for my accomplishments. Did the mounts look like crap?, Yes they did, because I was teaching myself. Self taught is not a bad thing unless you dont know what to teach yourself. If I would have went and got a lesson or two, which I did after the fact, I wouldn't have spent all that money in materials. You are at that point right now, I told you that you have the basics down, it wouldn't take much for you to go up thee levels, if you went for a lesson. Advice from strangers here, will only get you so far.
  5. Point taken Mr. T! I see what you are saying. And like i said, I appreciate any and all advice!
    I would love to take a class with someone! Absolutely love to! But time, money, my family and my job prevent this from happening right now. Would you recommend a school or just finding a good quality taxidermist that is willing to teach for a fee??

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  6. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I found the best teachers at my States Taxidermy Association, they are there for beginners, just not for the pros. All I had to do was be brave and join. There you will find proven winners that will give you a day class, or a weekend class, the price is well worth it.
    Where you live, I would be looking up John Griffith. http://www.taxidermy.net/forum/index.php/topic,15073.0.html

    John is only 300 miles from you, but he is who I would go see if I lived down there. He has weekend classes I believe.
  7. Thank you Mr. T. I mis understood your intentions earlier in this post and I apologize! I see your point and thank you for the contact info!

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  8. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Well, I don't get into the beginner's sections to slam guys. I come here to help if I can. Your 5th wt looks pretty good, but there are things I notice just from the pics you posted. Eye shape, brisket alignment, brow patterns, and ear butts are a few t hat I picked up right away. I should've went into more detail on what I meant when I posted earlier. Eye shape is perceived by many to be one of the most challenging. That's due to not knowing where the front and back corners on the eye really are. Your shape is thrown off just a bit with the front of the upper lid being alittle low. If I had a close front on, I could see alittle more of what's going on. Your brisket looks twisted to me, maybe it's the pics. Under leg skin rides alittle high and the longer hair generally sits at a 45 degree angle to the ground. There are acceptions to this though. The brow patterns are the top of the head look to far back to me and need to come forward and the hair will lay coming out towards the eyes. This will allow water shed from the top of the head. By pulling alittle skin forward, your browline along the top edge of the eye will begin to take shape. The ear butts need alittle more detailling and look just alittle low to me, again, could be the angle you took the pick. As I posted earlier, good reference will show all of these things and that is all I was trying to say. Unforturnatley, I spend more time with wts than I do my kids at times!(LOL) Keep at it and you will do just fine.
  9. Thanks a lot! I will definitely have to get some more reference and use it! Thanks for the honest run down and I hope to get better! With practice and hopefully training soon!

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  10. RMeadows

    RMeadows New Member

    I think your deer mount looks amazing. I myself am only just entering this industry and it's really helpful to see people who have learned via different methods. Starting all off on your own and coming up with this in turn is an amazing accomplishment. I know I do not have the right eye for it yet, so I know I shouldn't judge whether this is good or not seeing as I have not completed one mount yet, but thank you for being brave enough to be able to post this because I think it's a great reference for myself. I look forward to seeing future works of yours.
  11. Thanks for the kind words and good luck on getting your first mount under your belt!

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  12. jockamoe

    jockamoe New Member

    Pretty low rent responce Bill. Better to say nothing at all and be thought a fool......Ya know what I mean.
    I think one of the most important things I have learned in the years I have been attempting this hobby, is to narrow my field of vision and see the detail for what and where it is.
    To really see the detail in the eye or ear butt is not really natural it is some thing acquired through repetition and training..
  13. papagoose

    papagoose papagoose and goslings

    nothing like slamming the new guy are you having a rough day or what bill? Ear butts and eyes the 2 hardest things to do on your own in my opinion, get yourself the video rick carter one that everybody likes, start with that to get you some advise that would be fairly cheep and you could get it from WASCO and maybe help you along some with that also see if you can work for the taxidermist for awhile and get some lessons from him for the work you do like a trade or an apprenticeship type deal, most of them can use some type of help this time of the year anyway. It looks OK to me you do need some good reference material you can get them by ordering them from any catalog or get yourself some paper and print some of the pics in the deer and gamehead area printing is much cheeper you can also get some photos from old hunting mags. i know about the money job and time situation but this stuff does take some commitment on your part keep up the hard work and you will be just fine
  14. LTravis

    LTravis New Member

    Mountain man---looks great for only your 5th deer...It is really hard for anybody to critique a picture on the internet..You don`t need to take any classes....just pay attention to get reference material...state competitions are a good way to learn too. Back to judging pictures on the internet..about my second year of doing taxidermy i took a Lynx to the Ks show but before the show I posted pictures on here asking for people`s opinons...got all kinds of responses--tail is too low, ears are off, eyes just aren`t quite right--That lynx ended up winning Judge`s choice for Best in show, best in category, Richard schmidt award of excellence and so on...My point is don`t go changing stuff if you have double checked your reference material...I`m sure there are areas that need work but as long as you are aware of them you can teach yourself...as long as you have the desire to push yourself to do the best ya can!! Keep up the good work..
  15. DNorton

    DNorton New Member

    I say not bad at all for your #5.... its all about learning thats for sure- The refference material is a must.... Keep up the good work and checking out the Shoulder mounts of the week post in the Big Game board, there is always really good work on there to reference.

    Keep it up- you are getting it!!
  16. Everybody has to start somewhere,but just keep an open mind and keep you mind in a sponge state and learn all you can never stop trying to better your work.Everything i did when i first started looked like crap when i looked at it later on.I have seen work from guys that have been doing this for 10 years putting out better more attention to detail ,better methods, and some real junk from guys that have been doing it full time for 30 years(doing it the same way ever since). Just to make a comparison computer from 1900's or one from 2000's
  17. before i get slammed i ment have seen work from some guys that have been doing it for 30 years.......(
  18. donny bear

    donny bear New Member

    You are getting some good advice and learning from lots of experiance on this forum I would say you are doing well so keep them coming just glean out the good and let the chaffe blow away, I have never met a good artist that liked his/her early works ;D
  19. Kevin Jaramillo

    Kevin Jaramillo New Member

    Re: Re: Deer head number 5! Let me have it!

    Great job,improving is what us beginners are here for brother

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  20. Scooter

    Scooter New Member

    Blaaaah!! ::) Look's good for your 5th deer :) Don't listen to all this crap, opinion's are like **** everyone has one. The more experience you get and the better your skill level get's the critique's will only get worse. Only advice I would give is stay away from all that snap together crap. Like fake noses, ear butt's, eyetool's, it goes on and on. You will never learn anatomy if you dont do it yourself. As far as lesson's, you have to no what your doing first before you can decide that the teacher you hired know's what he's doing ;)

    My 2 cent's ;D