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CTA Taxidermy Show

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by RMeadows, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. RMeadows

    RMeadows New Member

    I am wondering if anyone on here has information concerning any upcoming conventions in Canada. I have tried the Canadian Taxidermy Association website, but it is not working for me. I am unsure whether the website is down, but if anyone knows anything about it, I would greatly appreciate it!
    Thank you,
  2. I was actually wondering the same things, and having the same issue with their website too!

    Any help would be great?

  3. Its held in London Ontario at the Sheraton Hotel, I went this year in April. Amazing pieces and met some pretty incredible people. It wasnt huge but i still managed to be in the showroom for a considerable amount of hours just in awe of some of the pieces.

    There was also a Toronto Outdoorsman Show/Convention at the Toronto Convention Center. A few taxidermists, including the CTA were there and thankfully took the time to talk to me which was much appreciative.

    And while I was at the CTA Taxidermy Convention, I was told about the Jack Myner Bird Taxidermy Show held somewhere in Quebec. Although I couldnt find anything about it online.
  4. vincer15

    vincer15 New Member

    I'm a member of the CTA.The website is being revamped ,but if you want some information on our organization you can call Arnold Wright who is the president at 613-924-1840.And the Jack Mner competition is held in Kingsville Ontario not Quebec.
  5. oh! Kingsville ! My mistake! When is the Jack Miner competition held? And it's mainly birds, correct ?
  6. vincer15

    vincer15 New Member

    It's held in the the second week of April. If you go to the Jack Miner website you can get all the information about the competition.It is only for birds that are taken under a migratory bird hunting permit.Hope this information is helpful.
  7. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    Wow, if I only knew, I am only an hour away from London, I'd like to know when next years show is.