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ear liners

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by mjroberts, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. mjroberts

    mjroberts gator season will be here soon

    i need some advise on using ear liners i amgetting drumming on the insideofthe ear but the back is good is there somthing that i can do tostop this
  2. buckeyebullet23

    buckeyebullet23 New Member

    Do you wipe them down with laquer first. You may try this and also may need to be trimmed a little. If they are too big, they will cause drumming. Also use a good adhesive. You'll get a million responses on the adhesive, but I personally use Buckeye Supreme and don't have any problems.

  3. John T

    John T Glad I called off work this day!!!

    I do just as buckeyebullet and don't have any problem.
  4. rlbrown

    rlbrown Member

    also make sure they are not too large
    I always have to trim the egdes. a tad small is better than too big
    use the removed cartlige as a pattern
  5. mjroberts

    mjroberts gator season will be here soon

    thanks that will help sometimes i think that the hole for the ear canal in the ear liner is to small and the cartilage will not go though to fit
  6. I've had this problem until this winter. My trouble was I wasn't opening all those cartilage vanes that run up the center of the ear, make sure you start all the way down from the inter ear and work your way up. I wasn't opening up the base of the ear enough. When you test fit, feel where the long hair is at the V part of the ear you should feel the liner not any excess skin.
    Hope this helps
  7. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    The most important thing you can do is make sure the liner fits. I think that is the biggest problem people are having. It makes me wonder if people really know what that means. You should have some excess skin on the inside of the liner, that will help tremendously.
  8. wtailchaser

    wtailchaser New Member

    mj, are you using earliners with the cartilage still in the ear? you can take a dremel tool and make the hole larger. that will make it the canal fit easier.
  9. mjroberts

    mjroberts gator season will be here soon

    yes i am leaving the cartilige in with the ear liners is that a problem sometimes itworks but sometimes itdont depending on whitch ear liner i use