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1st buck shot + 1st deer mount...please critique :)

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by tobey522, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. I just got this done. I already know somethings that need to be fixed 1. Eyes needs a little more tucking I think
    2. nose is crooked
    3. I think I need to dremel the nostrils more
    4. corners of lips are off
    5. Ears may need to be rotated down a little more?
    ** I have not sewn him up yet because my kids were getting sick of being in the shop...so some of the pictures show that the hair in the back is off because of that reason**

    Also, the pins in the nose are not there now, I stuffed the nostrils already. Everything I mentioned needs fixing I am going to do later tonight :)

    Please let me know what you see and what you suggest doing. :)

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  5. ktmhrs

    ktmhrs Member

    One thing I see that you didn't mention is it looks like the antlers are set a little crooked. They seem to be off center to the left side of the deer.
  6. I didn't notice that..but you're right! Since I haven't sewn him yet I could probably fix it since the clay is still wet. Thank you!! :)
  7. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    Eye shape is close from side view, needs more tucking and definition in the front corners and as they go up towards the top of the eye, check shape of eye in front view with reference, there's no eye brow crease. Pull forehead skin out towards eyes to give you more skin to use. Nose pad needs to be up and over nose wings more or it might be plastic in nostrils I'm seeing. Can't see ears, needs grooming as it dries. Check all reference pics that members have posted.
  8. J Cook

    J Cook Cook Taxidermy

    bottom lip needs tucked more
  9. Use good reference pictures and tweak it. Nature don't lie, if you see it in your reference pictures put it in your mount like eye shape ear butt location antler angle hair patterns the list goes on and on. It is very exciting to get the first one done and under your belt but the longer you do it the better you get at interpreting your reference and it will show in your mounts as you evolve in to a great taxidermist. I look at some of my first ones and just cringe at the sight of them.
  10. Keyda81

    Keyda81 I'd rather be weird than normal

    We've got a little bit too much in common here! I mounted the first deer(doe)I shot, and it's my first mount. Just finished it the other day, and you live in WNY. Lol.
    Lots of reference pics will help. I had my computer in the basement with me while mounting my deer. It took me about seven hours to mount mine.
  11. Thank you everyone for your responses! I have since fixed just about all of it, ot tried to at least LOL His nose is a little off still because I had to make the manikin longer and I believe I messed it up from the beginning and put it back together a little crooked :/ My computer wouldn't work while I was mounting but I had a lot of reference pics when I fixed it! :)
  12. garywenz1

    garywenz1 New Member

    I've just finished a doe mount as well waiting for it to dry, about a month right lol I've been babysitting it to. just hope it doesn't
    come apart in the end. it looks good (I think) I will post some pics for the critics I need that as well I have a small buck to mount for my nephew its all done and in the freezer but I can't find a manikin that will fit
    neck to small any suggestions? the cape is 7 1/4 13 do I buy a doe and change the head or what?
  13. You could probably do that...My neck was small also, what I did was oirder the right neck size and lengthened the nose to what I needed. Just becareful because I made mine a little crroked when I put it back together LOL
  14. garywenz1

    garywenz1 New Member

    you mean cut the nose off and put back?
  15. lol essentially yes I cut it about mid way and stabilized it with 3 wires, then I filled the gap with foam , cut off any excess and smoothed it, then I clayed over it a little to have a smooth transition...it was about an inch that I had to lengthen
  16. garywenz1

    garywenz1 New Member

    what kind of foam I'm really new to this lol I have a few pics of a doe I did

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  17. garywenz1

    garywenz1 New Member

    what kind of foam lol I'm eally new at this heres a few pics of my first

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  18. lol that's fine, everyone is new at some point...I'm still very new to it all too! From a lot of research in the archives of this forum, I've learned that a lot of people use 2 part foam. For time sakes I just went to Valu and bought a can of the great stuff ( that insulating foam stuff lol ) It worked just fine and did what it had to do. There are different methods to everyone's madness so there will be people that say to use other things, it's really up to you to find what you like and what works best for you. In time ( when we get better at everything) we will know what we like to use best lol