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What is everyone working on !!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by VS1, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Todd K

    Todd K New Member

    I just put this together yesterday, its a Meder full-sneak off-set.
  2. Jim B

    Jim B Active Member

    Artwildcreate,they are from different elephants.The owner is actually me and I did the leatherwork also.It is all hand sewn.Stitch holes were drilled on a drill press. Nina,this is the hi-tech scrimshaw tool I used.I prefer to use a series of dots for shading and it is time consuming and after hours of it you get a real case of writer's cramp.I use scratches for the creases or when doing hair or fur.Scratching goes a little faster but I like the look of the dots.They make it look like a grainy B+W photo.I did finally buy an electric tool .It looks like a fat pen with a needle tip that reciprocates and you can adjust the speed and intensity of the needle hits.It cost about $500 but cuts the time by about 75 per cent and takes all the handstrain out.I posted a picture earlier in this thread of a scrimshawed grizzly and I used the electric tool for it.It does very detailed work.[​IMG]

  3. Jim, great job on the cat, I really like the whole display. ;D
  4. RGP

    RGP Guest

    Jim B. that cougar is awesome!
  5. Nina Lukaszewicz

    Nina Lukaszewicz Outdoor Dreams Taxidermy

    Just finished these yesterday.


  6. ljones

    ljones 1994 wasco award winner

    kudu & cape buffalo i just completed for former U.S. SENATOR BILL FRIST from tn.
  7. mt

    mt New Member

    Nina, keep up the great work !
  8. Vellu

    Vellu New Member

    Great work everyone!Just mounted this today, carcass casting lynx and maybe... black grouse :-\
  9. customer ready
  10. nice buck rooster
  11. Wildlife Obsessions

    Wildlife Obsessions New Member

    What supply company did u get that caribou form from. It looks awesome
  12. here is another caribou i just finished
  13. Here is another caribou i just mounted this morning, it has detachable antlers, the 1st pic shows with out antlers and the second shows with.

    its still wet, i just finished mounting and took the pics
  14. another one finished yesterday
  15. hidvalltax

    hidvalltax Dont travel faster than your guardian angel can go

    Great Looking animals rick Here is one of my finished products
  16. We put this Coyote together yesterday. Still working on it. This Coyote was taken by Jack Heison of Meade, Ks back around the middle of Dec. 2006. Jack's a trapper out there who sales high quality Coyotes.

    John Griffith
  17. Vellu

    Vellu New Member

    Black grouse and small European lynx,i just mounted this day :-\
  18. Jim B

    Jim B Active Member

    Still wet and the nose is a little neon.Just sewed this one up today.[​IMG]
  19. bulldog4949

    bulldog4949 "Mounting your Memories"

    That is bad a$$!! I love the base!! Great job!!
  20. mcole

    mcole New Member

    South Alabama main frame 8pt. great 130 class buck.....