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Do you prefer displaying skulls w/jaws open, or closed?

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by ginevive, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Just wondering about your thoughts on this. Do you

    a)glue the bottom jaw to the skull in a closed-mouth fashion
    b)glue the jaw to the skull open-mouthed
    c)glue the lower jawbones together and just set the skull on top of jaw for display
    or d)band or otherwise non-permanently join the jawbones together and set skull on top?

    I glue my lower jawbones together and place the skull atop, but recently, I glued the lower jaw to the skull in a fierce open-mouthed pose. I figure that it is not necessarily permanent; if I wanted to, I could soak it in acetone and easily remove the glue (hot glue gun.)

    Your thoughts? I just think it'd be fun to display some skulls open-mouthed, but I don't want to ruin the "integrity" of the skull itself if I should choose to sell it down the road.
  2. I now do all my bear skulls with open mount unless a customer wants otherwise. 99% of my customers take the open mouth when they see mine. I drill from the bottom side and pin with a very fine brass pin. Plus I also glue it with weldbond glue that dries clear. This can all be reversed easily if they change their mind down the road. I had some of my African lion skulls and brown bear skulls that I recently decided to open mouth them also. I really like it that way. Hard to tell on some of these pictures but some here are open mouth on my gallery page. http://skull-cleaning.com/skull-cleaning-gallery.html

  3. Skull Man of PA

    Skull Man of PA New Member

    I like the skulls closed. But thats just me.
  4. Keyda81

    Keyda81 I'd rather be weird than normal

    I haven't had one with an option yet, lol I bought a coyote skull of ebay, but it was already glued together closed. I've been thinking about removing the glue, and doing it open mouth. All the other skulls I have thus far are missing the bottom jaws.
  5. ravenswings1

    ravenswings1 New Member

    No glue at all, That is tacky in my opinion. I have my skulls set safely in a cabinet.
  6. Not that I have a lot of skulls, but, I like my gator skull propped open. The rest are closed, but they aren't glued shut.
  7. grf68

    grf68 Member

    I have most of mine closed but sometimes I'll open up one if I have a duplicate just to see how they look next to each other. one open one closed
  8. Mudcat. I have one of my gators with the mouth propped open also, with a big lizard with blood running out of its mouth.
  9. I never glue my skulls jaws shut.. unless the skull is too tiny to handle and the jaw risks being lost/damaged (mouse/rat)..
  10. So far.....the only ones opened mouth are the foxes, cats and coons. Everybody wants the hogs, beavers, etc. closed mouth. So far!!!
  11. The only ones I've actually glued shut are my muskrat and beaver. They wont sit together without the damn skull sliding off the jaws.
  12. need more info on this technique for gluing jaws shut, have a set that needs it badly. even though there still being used.
  13. Admittedly, this is only a temporary fix, but have the jaws that are still in use bite down on a jolly rancher.