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Looking for buck and doe mount ideas.

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by duxdown, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    Wanting to do a buck and doe mount together, its for my wife and son. Anyone have any photos of that might give me some motivation on this. I have ideas but would like to see any pictures of some you have done to get me pumped up.
  2. ryanolson72

    ryanolson72 Active Member

    I put this one together last year.....


  3. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    Very nice Ryan. how did you attach the two manakins?? Just curious because i was thinking along the same lines, but for a wall mount maybe just not sure yet.
  4. ryanolson72

    ryanolson72 Active Member

    I attached the two together with a male and female steel tube. They are removable both from each other and the buck will come off the base. I just simply bondoed the steel square tube in each of the forms about 8 or so inches deep.

    The doe manikin was a altered McKenzie, the buck was a mears pedestal slightly altered.

    I also like the look of a wall pedistal doe and a wall pedistal buck both turned the same way, the buck a little higher on the wall.

    Good luck!
  5. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    Thanks for your input Ryan, my mind is running ninety to nothing now. I love to do the pedestal mounts, just no more room, haha.
  6. Table ped...


  7. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    Thanks Dennis, AWESOME!!
  8. kdogg_4

    kdogg_4 New Member

    nice mounts guys..
  9. linder

    linder New Member

  10. [​IMG]
  11. Another view...
  12. How about a pair of Muleys...

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  13. Tight Eddie....tight.
  14. linder

    linder New Member

    great ideas ! got a costumer wanting something like these also, jam up work all of you.
  15. fozziebear

    fozziebear New Member

    Yup !
  16. irishme

    irishme New Member

    ;) Eddie and Tim, Just beautiful work
  17. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    Dang guys!!!!!! WOW is all i can say those are rightous!
  18. Old Fart

    Old Fart New Member

    If you want to do a wall mount, a regular doe shoulder form will tuck right into the "relief" of a wall pedestal buck form. I've never done it with a doe, but I've done it with two bucks.
  19. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Here's a triple I did last season for myself, everything comes apart

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  20. ShawnK

    ShawnK Don't take criticism to heart, it's a free lesson

    Hey Matt those are great, how did you attach the doe, all thread?