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Is this legal???

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by schenk, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. schenk

    schenk Member

    Go here and scroll down to a taxidermy add, it's in classifieds and under hunting.

  2. drakeman

    drakeman New Member

    Sure, as long as he is taking guns in exchange for the taxidermy work that he does on someone else's birds. Nothing wrong with that.

  3. schenk

    schenk Member

    K, just checking. I knew you aren't suppose to barter, trade and so on migratory birds.
  4. How is this different?
  5. schenk

    schenk Member

    Well that's what my question kinda was BH. It's like your trading birds for goods. Im not sure.
  6. Cripplecreek

    Cripplecreek New Member

    It looks like he's trading taxidermy services on your birds. That's legal. I don't think he's saying he'll trade you the actual bird.
  7. Raynewolfe

    Raynewolfe TY for understanding things outside our control.

    x2 I think its in the wording... It reads like a private contractor offering services on something someone else owns... BUT then again if that were the case why would we need a federal taxidermy permit to perform services on cutomer provided waterfowl if that were the case!? Have you tried calling your regional conservation office yet? They could answer it in probably 5 mins or less.

    best of luck,
    Kay Raynewolfe
  8. hodx

    hodx Herman Darr

    as long as he is not selling them its legal...read the law
  9. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member

    The way I read it, it would be perfectly legal IF he has whatever state and/or federal taxidermy permits are needed.
    If not, then he would be breaking the law. Once you are a licensed taxidermist you are free to accept whatever type of payment you wish, within reason, but bartered income must also be reported on your taxes and you are still responsible for any sales tax that might be due. (I know a lot of people don't report barter as income, but you ARE supposed to!)
  10. drakeman

    drakeman New Member

    Like others have said. I think his pic of the dead mount is simply a sample of his work. You take him a duck that you shot, he mounts it and you pay him by giving him a .22 rifle. Nothing wrong with that. Like Nancy said report the value of the gun to the IRS as income. No harm no foul.
  11. I read it as though he was trading the mount, not his work. The wording threw me off, my bad.
  12. Raynewolfe

    Raynewolfe TY for understanding things outside our control.

    This is how I had understood it/was explained to me.. BUT you know how that goes when you call in. Kinda depends on who you get as to what perception or translation is offered. Not intentionally I believe, just some folks arent as good at explaining.