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Midwest Regional Convention AUG 17-19, 2012

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by antlerman, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118


    It's that time again. I am very excited about the lineup of instructors for this year.

    Check this out;

    Instructors from last year that will be returning again this year:
    Ray Hatfield......Lifesize Mammals
    Bill Yox.......Whitetails
    Kent Reedy.........Birds
    Dan "psycho" Hudzik.........Reptiles
    Brian Claar.........Fish
    Michael P. Schlabach.......Pedestal Backing
    Me "antlerman"...........Tine repair

    and, added to the list this year is;

    Brett DeFreitas.........Turkeys
    Manny Chavez...........Gameheads

    All the above seminars will run 9am -6pm Fri. and Sat. and Sun from 9am till 3pm

    On Friday Evening while the judges are judging, Michael P. Schlabach will teach his Pedestal Backing class and I will teach my tine repair methods from 6pm til 10pm.
    Everyone can participate and we are working on getting mannikins for everyone. This mini seminar has a cost of 100.00 and is open to ANYONE who wants to attend.

    These are all hands on seminars. You will mount your own piece. I will eventually post all the instructors phone numbers so you can contact them directly to work out any details you may need to address with them.

    At this time we are considering Large Mouth Bass Replica's in the Fish Seminar (open for your input)
    Alligators in the Reptile Seminar (You will be required to bring your own skin or purchase one from Dan. estimated cost 150.00)(also open for your input)
    The Lifesize Seminar with Ray, and the Gamehead Seminar with Manny will be a mount what you bring.
    The Turkey Seminar will require you to bring your own skin and purchase your own freeze dried head. Brett will have those available at the show.
    Kent's bird seminar is open for either upland or waterfowl. Majority will rule per your requests and only one species will be selected.
    Bill's Whitetail Seminar will also be hands on and you will need to bring a prepped cape, mannikin of your choice, eyes, liners, a stand and the hand tools you normally use.
    The mini seminars which are my tine repair class and Michael's backing class will have an additional cost of 100.00 ea. Anyone attending the event may participate in these mini classes. They will be scheduled as to not interfer with the major seminars.


    Once again we will have the competition and as some of you witnessed, we had perhaps the best Awards available anywhere to be won.

    The venue will again be at the Copper Dock Winery in Pocahontas, Illinois. I think everyone had a great time there last year, and the upgrades to the kitchen are now completed to better serve everyone.

    The cost will remain at 500.00 again this year with a 300.00 deposit required.

    Attention Vendors... We Welcome you all. Cost- 100.00 per 10 x 10 OR make donation to auction of equal value. Last year our vendors raised over 2K with their donations. Thank You Vendors So Much. It is so GREAT to have you all here with us. I hope even more come out this year.

    Hope to see you all here. With your attendance, together we can make this into one of the best conventions around.

    I think the HOG ROAST is back too. Heehaw!!!

    Some UPDATES;

    Date is Aug 17-19
    Those who want to compete but wish not to be in a seminar may do so. Registration fee is 75.00 which includes 1 banquet ticket and one competition entry. Additional banquet tickets are 25.00 each and additional mount entries are 15.00 each.
    A 300.00 deposit is required for all seminars by July 15th. Late registration will be charged an extra 25.00 (there are many front loaded expenses such as Winery Rental and Airfares for Instructors so PLEASE help us by sending in your deposits as soon as possible.)
    Once again we will offer the buddy system discount for a second family member to participate for a discounted rate of 400.00
    The weekend package includes the seminar of your choice, 1 banquet ticket, 1 competition entry. Total cost 500.00
    This year we're gonna fire the hog roaster up again for a Friday Evening Cookout. (Looking for a fat hog) Master Chef Michael P. Schlabach has volunteered his serves.

    Deposits should be made out to: Midwest Regional Taxidermy Convention
    Mail to: Tim Thacker
    624 IL. RT. 143
    Pocahontas, IL. 62275

    And the list begins.......

    Ray Hatfield Lifesize Seminar:

    Steve Brown

    Brett DeFreitas Turkey Seminar:
    Ron Farrell
    Shawn Hackworth aka..3bears dep. rec.
    Donna Brown
    Jim Hansen
    Danny Dye
    Lee Boulware

    Bill Yox Whitetail Seminar:
    Kathy Hoalt
    Sue Rosenbeck
    Joe Sexauer
    Aaron Cookus
    Mike McGuire

    Michael P and antlerman's mini seminars:
    Kathy Hoalt
    Shawn Hackworth

    Vendors List:
    Walnut Creek Hardwoods
    Research Mannikins
    Bad Boy Bodies and Turkey Heads (Boondocks Taxidermy)
    CS Outdoors (vynal graphics)
  2. Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    Tim, I will be there again. I am looking forward to training with Ray Hatfield this time. Put my name on the list with Ray will ya? Thanks Bruce. I will be bringing more stuff this time. :D

  3. Brian Reinertson

    Brian Reinertson Active Member

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    Man Tim I hope its the august dates. I have a hunt booked in Texas for the Sept dates. I hope to see you there
  4. Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    Man! I am going to try like hell to get there this year Tim! I want to meet a few people that I consider friends and attend as many seminars as possible! Looks like a freakin BLAST!
  5. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    Bruce, got you down.
    breiner, August is getting a lot of considersation
    John, simple fix. Come as a vendor also, sell the crap out of pillows and donate one to the auction. All covered. You win.
  6. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Active Member

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    I wanna sit in Bretts class! August sounds better to me too.
  7. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    There are some states that start their bow season on Sept. 1st. I am trying to avoid that plus avoid the cooler temps without getting into too much heat in Aug. I have to check the schedule at the winery and if Aug is clear, that is when it will be.
  8. Whitetailart

    Whitetailart New Member

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    Tim You know I will be there as long as the dates work for me.
  9. Steve W

    Steve W Member

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    Hey Tim
    I'm in favor of August also, it was close to being to cold out last year. I think you'll double the turnout this year. That was a beautiful venue and some awesome awards.
  10. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    I'm counting on you guys to be here, for sure. Wouldn't be the same without all of our friends.
  11. Justin P.

    Justin P. New Member

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    August would definately be an easier swing. would like to get there if possible....
  12. huntin_justin

    huntin_justin New Member

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    Tim I will definitely be back again, august is definitely better for me as well.
  13. Oak Ridge

    Oak Ridge New Member

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    Where do I send the deposit. Had a schedule conflict last year, and have regretted it since......
  14. Wildside

    Wildside Active Member

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    Same Here!
  15. RonF

    RonF New Member

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    Tim, count me in for sure again this year. If you would please pencil me in for Bretts class and let me know when your excepting deposits. I'll send it out as soon as you want me too. Looking forward to another great time.
  16. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    Considering attending. What does the $500.00 cover? August would likely work better for me as well, bear season starts Sept. 1. 3bears
  17. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    3bears, and others. The 500.00 covers the 3 day seminar of your choice, one entry into the competition, and one banquet ticket, and the right to hang out with some really cool cats and have a ton of fun. Oh, and learn a bunch of cool stuff too. Ask the others, it's a GREAT time. Once you come hang out with this group, you'll come back every year. It's a LEARN LEARN LEARN weekend, with some fun stuff added in. Come join us.
  18. sarahdj

    sarahdj Active Member

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    I'm in- August is best for me personally- September is bear season. Nothing gets between me and my dad when it comes to this ;). We will be hopefully hosting USSA hunt recipients for bear too- legalities kept us from it last year but deer hunts were a success.
    Class- not sure yet but I will nail it down in my pea brain as soon as I can. Recovering from surviving Tyler's birthday, our first since he passed. Kinda rough yet.
  19. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    Glad to see so many of you returning this year, (instructors and students) and thanks for responding so quickly to the thread. We debated for months over the idea to do it again or not, but just can't not do it. The first one was stressful as we had to learn as we went, but you guys all pitched in and helped make it worthwhile. Your responding tells me that we are on to a good thing and all the work and preparation is worth every minute and dollar spent. We are small, but growing. I hope we can double this year as Steve suggested. If we limit class sizes to 10 per instructor, we have room for 70. I don't expect to fill them all, but we are prepared if we do. I considered omitting the competition and banquet expense, but Miss Becky would hear no part of it. So everything is on just like last year. The front loaded expenses like advertising is overwhelming on our personal account. I think the flier campaign last year was effective to a point, but needed to be done much sooner. Hopefully with your help in sending in early deposits we can get that launched much sooner this year. I have already been contacted by several vendors who plan to be back here this year. That is encouraging to say the least. If everyone that came last year brings a buddy, we will be able to pay the bills in just our second year. That too is encouraging. I know I can count of you guys to spread the word and bring a friend. Last year Bruce Owens brought 3 or 4 of his own students. That is the kind of participation we need. I guess the thing that I want to emphasize here is the EDUCATION. The cost to study with any one of these instructors would be more per day than you will pay for this 3 day weekend event. The GREAT thing about these instructors is they ALL are dedicated to helping you learn. They are hand picked for their knowledge and teaching abilities. They will leave it all on the table for YOU and hold nothing back. Last year I saw mounts completed in every class that could win top honors at any state convention. Impressive. One instructor stayed an extra day just to finish what was started on a beautiful bear mount. When I say these guys are dedicated to teaching you, I really really mean that. I read on taxinet where people ask about training and where to go and what training set up is best. I have been to many state conventions seminars, I have trained with some of the greats in this industry one on one. I can honestly tell you this is the place to learn. There is no interruptions, no phones ringing, no schedule breaks. It's down and dirty hands on mounting until we get the job done, and we have a good time doing it. So if you are reading this and have the desire to learn by working side by side with any one of these great instructors give us a shot. I think if you do you too will become one of the faithful just like all these who came last year and have already committed to coming back. Their return tells me we are doing something special here. I hope you will consider joining us too. Sincerely Tim.
  20. Wildside

    Wildside Active Member

    Re: Midwest Regional Convention

    If you are not in the hands on seminars, you can not attend or compete?