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FREE Dermestid Beetles (Winners Announced!!!!!!!!)

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by wacbravo, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. wacbravo

    wacbravo TEAM WAC

    Re: FREE Dermestid Beetles (Contest Closed, Winner to be announced shortly)

    I think he's a fine guy too! ;)
  2. Re: FREE Dermestid Beetles (Contest Closed, Winner to be announced shortly)

    When will the winner be announced???

    (I live in oklahoma central time)

  3. wacbravo

    wacbravo TEAM WAC

    Re: FREE Dermestid Beetles (Contest Closed, Winner to be announced shortly)

    Phew! One month ago I got a bright idea to give away my bugs free of charge to an individual who most represented a willingness to learn, a devotion to quality work, and a genuine sincerity for the art of taxidermy. I did this because, in truth, I felt such qualities were lacking as of late in the area of skull cleaning taxidermy. With all the inexperience and scams, I wondered if skull cleaning had become something to make a quick buck, not the artistic display of versed skill that had lured me into this field so long ago. I was told that I couldn't do much to change the state of things. Crazy me, I just never listen...

    So on a burst of inspiration I started this contest, not knowing what to expect or what would come of it. Thirty days and more than a thousand hits later, I can safely say that this thread has opened my eyes a great deal. I've realized that the state of skull cleaning taxidermy is in NO HARM AT ALL! There are truly a wealth of individuals with the heart and desire to do wonderful things in this field, and indeed, many are. I have been humbled by the words and actions of those that have contributed to this thread and made this possible. The passion, love, and sincerity to grow and act has inspired me to continue to do all that I can to help others. From the depths of my heart, I thank you all for the motivation and assurance that my actions can and do make a difference.

    The posts on this thread have shown me that indeed there are many with the sincere interest to learn and grow and better the field of skull taxidermy. I realize, however, that with high prices on resources and services such interest cannot be taken much further for most people. There are many individuals who would contribute well to the skull cleaning community, and through this contest I hope to make this a better possibility for these individuals. I hope that this prize will provide the resources necessary to get started on the right foot, but more importantly, I hope that the winning individuals will stay the course, continue their learning, and help others do the same whenever possible.

    To the winner of this contest will go:
    -1,000+ dermestid beetles
    -Scalpel, blades, and other necessary "prep" instruments
    -Rittel's Super Solvent Degreaser
    -Hydrogen Peroxide
    -The book "Skulls And Bones" by Glenn Searfoss
    -Complete dermestid care and maintenance information
    -Complete Skull cleaning guides
    -A month's worth of skulls to clean

    And to the runner up will go:
    -Several hundred dermestid beetles
    -Complete dermestid care and maintenance information
    -Complete Skull cleaning guides
    -A small skull to clean

    I want to thank everyone who took the time to share their stories and experiences, and I wish them all success in the field of skull cleaning taxidermy. I'd like to offer all of these individuals my help and support by sending them all the skull cleaning guides. I will email these individuals with further details.

    Now, on to the contest winners! It was no easy task deciding who should take the beetles. Indeed, everyone's stories were wonderful and unique. With considerable thought, however, two individuals stood above the rest in their sincerity and heart.

    Colt (Weasel), has shown a love and appreciation for skull cleaning, and a true desire to learn. A determined and heartfelt individual, he will make an excellent taxidermist one day. To help him in his journey, we extend the runner up prize of several hundred dermestid beetles courtesy of Mike (MY WAY RANCH) and all of the information necessary to grow his colony as he makes his way into the field. Congratulations, Colt. I know you will do well with these.

    Colt, Second Place Winner!!!​

    The other individual has shown true humility and sincerity, as well as a seeking of knowledge that is so vital in successful taxidermy. Tommy (Tommywalnuts) has expressed his desire to continue his education, not only in taxidermy, but in the sciences in general. With his family and his time off, going back to school will be no easy task, but I am confident in his success. I hope that the grand prize of 1000 beetles and complete resources will suffice nicely in expanding his thirst for knowledge in the art of taxidermy. I hope that he will grow from this experience as much as I have. Congratulations Tommy. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. We are here to support and root for you all the way.

    Tommy, Grand Prize Winner!!!​

    To the winners and participants, I wish you all continued success. To all those who contributed, make thanks for sharing your love for the art. To Mike, I graciously thank you for your selfless contributions. I am truly thankful to have had this opportunity.

    I will contact the winners privately to discuss shipping details.

    Thank you again, and warmest regards,

  4. arpu

    arpu New Member

    Congratulations guys and thank you for considering all the rest of us its nice to see such kindness in the world. Ross Hammond
  5. hidvalltax

    hidvalltax Dont travel faster than your guardian angel can go

    Good job!
  6. Thanks you very much for the great prize....
  7. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Thanks for any consideration, David. Not everyone starting out has the oppertunity to have help starting with bugs. Congrats to Weasel and Tommy too. Having someone who is willing to go out of your way like that is certainly an asset to anyone trying a hand at this. Most folks would turn their back and walk away. Now .. Tommy and Weasel will have to promise to show us the results of their attempts. :)
  8. I will trust me I already post ones I boil so I definately will with beetles...
  9. Hey all

    My internet is off at the moment, and I havent been able to check my messages until today, and.....I am so happy!!! I would like to thank Wacbravo. Mike, and everyone involved. I intend to make taxidermy and bone cleaning my career(cant build buildings forever lol), and this is a superb start!! Thanks also to all that have entered and shared thier stories and advice. It is so awesome that there is so many with an interest in this. I will share pics of my work, as well as any advice and knowledge that I accumulate. Thank you again, friends!!!

  10. I may come to meet you when I get a break from things tommy didn't you say ardmore or ardmore area?
  11. yeah, I'm in Ardmore. I'll shoot you my phone # and we can do some hunting sometime.
  12. What all do ya hunt I hunt most anything native to oklahoma...also some otehr not native around here.....Dove huntings comeing I REALLY enjoy it I have a nice $4000 shotgun.
  13. Guess what THEY ARE HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!

    So heres my first picture... (I took it back out and took out the eyes....)

  14. imauspilot

    imauspilot New Member

    Did this post die off. I’d like to continue with the beetle posts.
  15. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    If you had checked the user name of the OP that was giving away free bugs, you would have seen

    wacbravo was last seen:
    Jan 2, 2011

    I would say he isn't active any more.
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  16. imauspilot

    imauspilot New Member

    I’m new to the site and missed that. I need information not free beetles anyway.
  17. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Not sure what you need but there are many years worth of free information in the archives here if you try the search. Beetles and dermestid are good starts for terms. There is also the normal search as well as the advanced. both work differently.