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Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by saugman1, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. saugman1

    saugman1 New Member

    I have a customer that is having a smallmouth mounted and wants the original hook and tube used in the mount. do any of you out there have away to keep the hook from rusting and preserving the tube from drying out? usually i make my own lures but he insists on the original any help would be great thanks cory
  2. Glenn M

    Glenn M Well-Known Member

    What I would do is, pull the hook from the tube wash the salt off the hook, dry real good then apply a protective coat of 2 part clear epoxy. As for for the tube not sure there, I know when I spray my tubes with bang fish attractant seems to bring the luster back to them, he may not like the smell of garlic or crawfish though lol. Maybe a coat of cooking oil. ???

    BTW If the hook is red, gold or nickle it may never rust.

  3. Big B

    Big B Just another day at the office

    Most hooks are nickle plated and shouldn't rust but you could put a basecoat sealer or a gloss coat on it to be safe and for the tube I've had one on a mount for about 8 or 9 years and its still soft but you could go and buy a bag and try diffrent thing out to see if they would work I know if you get deet form bug spray on them they will fall apart.
    Good Luck
  4. Go to your local fishing store and buy a stainless hook, just like they use for saltwater and it won't rust.
    I also have put a heavy gloss coat on plastic worms or you can dip them in resin and let it set up.
  5. saugman1

    saugman1 New Member

    thanks every one got some experimenting to do
  6. Hey Glenn, Where are you buying your "BANG" fish attractant? I have not seen it around these parts for a while now. Thanks!!
  7. Glenn M

    Glenn M Well-Known Member

    Marc, I think the local sporting goods.......Just looked bass pro still has it.

    I can tell you DON'T use A base coat sealer or any gloss it will turn into a sticky mess over time. I make up a lot of my own tackle, and the only thing I've found that won't have some type of chemical reaction with these soft plastics is, the 2-part clear epoxy. You can buy the epoxy in any hardware store, even walmart may have it. Again I'm talking about applying it to the hook not the tube.
  8. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it's probably a nickel plated hook and won't rust. Personally, I wouldn't do anything. If it's out of the sunlight that tube will probably last a couple of decades. Just make sure it's NOT one of those Power Grub types that will break down quickly. Tell your customer that if it starts to deteriorate to bring in the mount and you'll replace it for free. Probably could do a cleaning at that time as well for a nominal fee. My bet is you'll never see the mount again...