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Mammals of the Month - March 2012

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by code6202, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Thank you to all who shared pictures in February's Mammals of the Month thread! (Great work everyone!!!) Please continue to share your mammal mounts on this thread.

    This is a critique-free thread for sharing photos of your finished mammal mounts for March.
  2. Bo Hersey

    Bo Hersey Member


  3. BillFromPa

    BillFromPa Active Member

    I mounted this one 2 weeks ago, still no finish work yet.

  4. rnviper3

    rnviper3 New Member

    Has a month gone by already?
  5. This mount I am posting for Riverland Studio:

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  6. Heres one I finished, couldn't enter it in the challenge, didn't have an outside pic.

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  7. Face

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  8. jcompton

    jcompton “One of these days Alice. Pow!Right in the kisser"

    Thats a VERY good looking cat. Too bad you coudnt enter it.
  9. josh s.

    josh s. Active Member

    Re: Re: Mammals of the Month - March 2012

    Wow! That bobcat is awesome...i love the expression!!
  10. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    Your camera doesn't work outside? You need a new camera.
  11. You always win anyway, why bother
  12. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    I can't beat you at the show so I gotta take my victories where I can.
  13. slee

    slee New Member

    Awesome cat! Great to see an open mouth that's not aggressive!
  14. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    that cat would of won!
  15. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    love the mountain goat
  16. hey Suprdave, nice cat , I think it would have been in the top 3 in the challenge, I really like the over all piece
  17. Beautiful mounts! That cat looks awesome, Suprdave! Would've been nice to see how it fared in the Bobcat Challenge.
  18. Thanks guys
  19. dljhunt

    dljhunt New Member

    Great mount Superdav. It took me about an hour to decide which cat to vote for in the challenge. I am kind of glad you didnt enter, it would have been a lot harder choice.
  20. Major

    Major New Mexico.....Not much different than the old one

    Lots of alteration. It's the pose the guy writing the check(s) wanted. Turned out pretty neat....

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