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Bobcat Critique

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by mrstuffit, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. mrstuffit

    mrstuffit New Member

    Hey all you cat guys,

    If anyone has time, I would like some expert’s opinion on this Bobcat. I am an occasional reader of this site and have learned allot from people's discussions however, I don't post very often. Don't be bashful; I am not afraid of a good critique. I know it's hard to judge a piece from a picture but I am interested in learning more about cats... Who knows it may even inspire me to compete again!

    I have been a part-time taxidermist for about 25 years specializing in WT deer and mount an occasional life-size animal every now and then. Cats have always intrigued me; I have the interest in learning more about them but don't get a chance to work on them very often. I have done a couple of Mountain Lions but this is actually the first bobcat that I have mounted. I studied many articles and different people’s techniques before mounting this cat and I tried to use the methods that would work best for me. The pictures were taken a few days after it was mounted so no finish work has taken place and he is still pretty hydrated. The form was altered a little to fit the base and create the expression I was looking for. I used bondo for the ears and an artificial nose (not sure if I would use the artificial nose again).

    Anyway, I would love to hear what people have to say.

  2. kikkertinz

    kikkertinz Glass half full

    very nice!!!!

  3. that cat looks amazing...wow thats a beauty...great job
  4. it looks very very nice for a first, only things that stick out to me is the top of the nsoe skin doesnt seem to be tight against the artificial nose but that could just be the picture, also it is hard to tell but it looks like you did not tuck the skin under the nose so that the skin meets fur to fur in the crease. good job otherwise. the back right leg looks like its stuffed with to much clay also
  5. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    That is a really nice cat, and a super job for a first attempt. Here is a couple things I see. Just because I point something out doesn't necessarily mean you're wrong, but this is my interpretation of what I see when comparing your cat to my reference. First, the eyes look nice. I think there is a difference in shape from your right top eyelid and your left top eyelid. The cat's left eye is probably my favorite, though I think it has more of a lynx shape than bobcat. The right eye is a little more closed and doesn't quite have the same shape. I think somewhere in between the two would be perfect. It's really tough to tell from the pic but your pupil cant looks to be correct. I see a couple places on the face that the markings don't quite match up from one side to the next, most notably on the forehead. Really back brush that inner ear hair when bondo'ing the ears, and every day while it dries. I do the ear tabs with clay when bondo'ing the ears as well. Compare the flow of your inner ear hair to the reference pic. Your ear position is a little wide, and also tough to tell from the pic but maybe too forward-facing. Make sure you really taxi that facial skin forward so you get that nice plate-shape to the facial hair, and really pull the chin skin forward too. Looks clean, looks groomed, feet look okay I guess...tough to see much. Knuckles might need to come up a bit. All in all I think you did a damn nice job, and had you entered this in the Bobcat Challenge going on right now I think it would have done really well.

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  6. well you asked for a good critique and you got it, cole knows his stuff pretty well, cant go wrong with advise and pointers like that.
  7. mrstuffit

    mrstuffit New Member

    Thanks for the comments.
    Thank you for taking time for a nice critique. The things you have pointed out in regard to ear placement, hair patterns and eye shape make sense and I can easily see your points in reference photos now. This was a fun project and I hope to be able to work on another one soon.
  8. mitsg1987

    mitsg1987 New Member

    I think the cat looks great Looks like a fat house cat lol
  9. RMeadows

    RMeadows New Member

    Cole, even if this is not my piece you are judging, I can really appreciate you taking your time to write a written critique with the picture. As an amateur I really like seeing the lines and references for my future work. So thank you so very much, and thank you mrstuffit for posting. I still haven't got the guts to post anything I've mounted yet.
  10. Very nice job...if that is your first cat wowzers! Nice critique by Cole...listen to him...he has a great eye for Bobs and is very talented! The only other thing that I would add is I think the nose may be just a little crooked cocked to the right of the cat very slightly? Also the nose pad color could use a little more attention....Bobs do have a lot of differences in nose color but look at the nose in the reference pic you will notice that some are more pink or orange than others but most have that slight darker burnt umber tone coming up the center crease. Very nice job and I agree if this cat was in the challenge it would have been in my top two. Down the road-
  11. X2
  12. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    I agree. I too thought the nose might be a tad crooked but without a straight on pic I couldn't tell for sure. To add to your nose color comments, not only will the burnt umber come up the center crease, it often times also runs across the top of the nose. The ref. pic I posted above shows both quite well, despite it's small size.
  13. huntiholic

    huntiholic Member


    one other thing that really jumps out at me is your lacking the black line that goes along the top of the nose... now all cats are different but more than 90% of the bobs i see have it..

    this is what im talking about
  14. huntiholic

    huntiholic Member

    ididnt read through them all.. lol looks like im adding to coles comment above..