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Mountian Beaver

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by passthru, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Received a call today for a Mountian Beaver... They are really odd looking, looks nothing like a beaver and has a little stubby tail about and inch long. Anyone ever do one? Briefly looked for forms and think I will need to cast one.
  2. Alaskataxidermy

    Alaskataxidermy New Member

    Small woodchuck form altered might work.

  3. mjvaden

    mjvaden New Member

    Wrap a body. Nothing to it. If you don't know how get snow hairs dvd.
  4. Snow Hair? Is he on the fourm?
  5. Here's a link..
  6. scanman

    scanman New Member

    I did one, no one that I know of makes any Aplodontia forms. I wrapped my own form and cast the skull. They look like a cross between a gopher and a pika.
  7. Nancy C

    Nancy C Active Member

    They are found around this area from time to time and I have wondered about mounting one. To me, they look like a guinea pig with a bad hair day. I think a wrapped body would be the way to go, and definitely save the skull. They are a strange, primitive little creature with no close relatives and their teeth are supposed to be very unique.