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Polar bear rug...Stained. HELP

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Daniel*73, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Daniel*73

    Daniel*73 PETA...People Eating Tasty Animals

    I clean alot of furs and rugs but never have I had a polar bear rug come in. It has a small wine stain that has been there for a couple years but the main reason it was brought is that some relatives children played on it while eating doritos and drinking orange soda. The rug has multiple yellow areas where the kids wiped their hands and one area about the size of a saucer that is orange from some soda getting spilt. The customer did nothing but soak up the excess soda. This happened on Wednesday so the soda has been on there for a few days. Im not sure if my normal cleaning process will take out the orange. The customer wants a complete cleaning and whitening. Will my whitening paste ( Clairol Professional, Basic White, Extra Strength) mixed with 40% hydrogen peroxide take the orange out during the whitening? If not what would work best for these stains?

    You can write me back on here, or email me, [email protected] or call me (802) 873-3434. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
  2. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    Why not test a small spot with your whitening paste to see if it works?

  3. try the peroxide by it's self first.
  4. Wow if I had a poloar bear rug it would be on the wall not the floor
  5. Daniel*73

    Daniel*73 PETA...People Eating Tasty Animals

    The rug got done and came out great I spent alot of time grooming it and you would not believe it but there was all kinds of confetti and glitter down in the fur. I also found old pieces of candy corn and other unidentafiable candys stuck in the undercoat. I expressed my concerns to the customer that the bear is not replacable since they are no longer allowed to be brought into the united states and it should be a wall hanger not a party rug. Very sad but they didnt seem to care...People with money are somtimes very odd. Anyhow thanks for the posts, emails and calls, I was a nervous wreck.
  6. Thats good but veey unfoetanate