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Peacock for sale --------------- Sorry everyone it's sold

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by taxidermygirl81, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. taxidermygirl81

    taxidermygirl81 New Member

    Hi i have a 3 year old peacock or could be a few more not sure i have a bunch of them.This one died last night in the pen from the cold i guess. It's a real nice looking bird it has allot of other colors then just green as you can see in the pics. Thats white and gold on his back and the white goes down each wing.The tail is 36 inch's from the base it's a perfect tail no holes in it.It's a beautiful bird with such odd colors would make a great mount i would keep it my self but don't have the extra room.I am going to remove the tail for shipping but not going to skin it so it stays cold longer while it's shipping plus i'll pack it in ice pack and insulation.I only ship on monday's to make sure it get's to you in good shape. I am asking $300 obo shipped to your door i only ship to the lower 48 states U-S-A. IF YOU NEED TO KNOW MORE JUST ASK THANKS

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  2. phoenix-cry

    phoenix-cry Active Member

    Re: Peacock for sale

    What an amazing bird! Would you be interested in any trades?

  3. Re: Peacock for sale

    Oh gosh, what a beauty! I wish I had money/freezer room for him. Otherwise I'd snatch him right up. I'm sure he'll sell pretty fast. He's amazing.
  4. proof

    proof New Member

    Re: Peacock for sale

    Where are you located, taxi girl?