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Dakota Wildlife Taxidermy School

Discussion in 'Training' started by JML, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. JML

    JML New Member

    Hey everybody,
    wondered if anyone had any opinions or experience with this place. Their site looks great! For the price it seems too good to be true.
  2. booginks

    booginks New Member

    Yes I have heard of DWTS they are located in winner, SD about an hour south of me. Have never met this person or met anyone who attended this school. I have seen his $$ for his school and seems a little cheap to me but what do I know I didn't go to school for taxidermy I'm self taught just bought some videos on the internet and here I am 9 yrs later and have a professional studio that I only do part time. But it keeps me very busy here in South Dakota. I would make sure if someones wanting to attend this school that they call them and get some phone numbers from past students and ask them about the school before attending.

  3. I was looking into going to this school last winter. I emailed them and called and left messages and didn't hear back until a month later. I asked some questions then called back to see about sending a deposit and same old story. After I left 3 voice mails with my name and number, and 2 more emails they finally got back to me. 2 months later. So I took my money and went somewhere else. I had to pay a little more for my school but it was worth it.
  4. squid

    squid hunt hard or go home

    i dont like to bad mouth a business or run them down, but i just hate to see someone get ripped off. i met a guy that went there and going by what he said there was a lot of hidden costs and the guy that teaches the class was not helpfull at all, he kept leaving the shop to go do his own thing and show back up a few hours later, then he would leave early on fridays or for that matter any day. he said it was a below par class
  5. clayelk1

    clayelk1 New Member

    woah woah!! i just got back from DWTS. i did the full 8week class. It was AWESOME worth every penny. Jack the instructor is great, super knowledgeable and always in class! if you have any questions about the school or my experience there please pm me. dont let these other users on here make your decision not to go.
  6. Bach Taxidermy

    Bach Taxidermy New Member

    I just got done taking the eight week course and I have never learned so much in my life. If anyone is interested in this school its awesome and you won't regret it.
  7. I'm from Canada.....I've been shopping around for a couple years now looking for a reasonably priced school and Jack's was by far the best I found. I just got home from his 2 month course and it was worth every penny. He takes pride in his work and the amount of 1 on 1 time is awesome. His small class sizes are awesome and he's always more than helpful with any questions. There was two of us in his last class and he allowed us to do extra mounts at little to no extra cost to me or the other kid.
    So....if yall wanna sit in a classroom and be lectured how to do taxidermy with 20 other people then be my guest, but if yall want real 100% hands on with your own specimens that you can keep when your done the class then Jack's school is the place to be.

    Message me if you want pics of my work from his school, I'd be more than happy to share them.