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water (again)

Discussion in 'Habitat and Exhibit' started by JE, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. JE

    JE Well-Known Member

    Having just received my frank Newmyer DVD on water splashes etc, I am keen to give it a try. And had I lived in the USA I would have bought Wascos/polytranspar water and the spray can that eliminates the surface tackiness.
    Unfortunately this is not an option, I have searched here in the UK and can get many polyester clear resins suitable for making water, but they ALL dry with a tacky finish unless covered with cellophane, this does not seem like a good option to me. I can NOT find any aerosols to spray onto the surface at all.
    Basically, are there any "tricks" to get polyester to dry tack free ? I have been told to mix a wax in with the resin but this would affect the clarity ? ( basically making a "top" coat.
    Can other types of clear coats be applied over polyester, such as Rustoluems crystal clear etc ? or are they simply incompatible.

    I can get a polyurethane two part resin that is UV stable, hardens crystal clear and with out any tackiness, but its properties are an unknown quantity to me,and it is a little too expensive to be experimenting with .
    Does any one have experience with using Clear Polyurethanes ?
  2. trky

    trky New Member

    Not knowing what is available thre makes it hard to say. I sometimes use fiberglass resin for water projects , if you can get it there I would reccomend maybe experimenting with it.

  3. JE

    JE Well-Known Member

    trky, fiberglass resins are usually polyester resins, and unless you add a wax they will all dry tacky, they are meant to do this so the next layer will stick to it. This is my problem, in the USA you can get a aerosol to spray the tacky surface to harden it, I can not get this product over here.
  4. Raynewolfe

    Raynewolfe TY for understanding things outside our control.

    Are there any rules on either side to prevent shipping to you if someone gives or sells you the product? Sorry if this is an inappropriate question, I am simply curious and have little to no international shipping experience.
  5. trky

    trky New Member

    Never had a problem with it. Have used it for years. As a matter of fact I just went to shop to read the label because you sparked my interest. It even says that once hardened and there is no longer a sticky feeling it is ready to sand. You may need to use a little bit more hardener, I do know that if you dont use the right ratio you can have a sticky finish at first but it will still eventualy harden.
  6. Need to be careful of what type of resin your buying. Laminating or lay-up resin is made to stay tacky. Also, when after it's set up, put it in direct sunlight. Mine is typically a little tacky, but after an hour or so in the sun, it goes away. The UV light does wonders.
  7. JE

    JE Well-Known Member

    All of our "water clear" resins are basically the same as laminating resins, using MEKP hardeners, but using more hardener can yellow the resin. Interesting to hear that the UV light sets them up, what about dust sticking to the surface ? I worry that if I have to wait a few hours that dust will be a big problem.
  8. Clear uv resistent polyurethane resins are good for a topcoat over the polyester resin. However, I never encounter problems with tackyness with the polyester if its components are measured correctly. Polyurethane resins are cool cause you can add water to them for producing foamy/bubbly effects in the water. If your having tackyness problems I would brush the polyurethane on as a final coat. Or, spray automotive gloss on which is my personal favorite because it wont run and fill in your water details. If you have polyester resin that was mixed improperly and is sticky on the surface you can spray a fine mist of mekp through the airbrush on it in a pinch to cure it.
  9. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118