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Injecting Feet

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Kris Dunckel, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Kris Dunckel

    Kris Dunckel New Member

    Injecting feet for the first time, two questions 1) any preference between Knobloch or Masters Blend Injection Fluid. 2) I anticipate the fluid setting up in the needle itself quickly limiting the number of injections that can be made. Do you clean the needle by running turpentine or other solvent though it or should you have several needles available. Any other suggestions always welcome.
  2. Cuts75

    Cuts75 New Member

    I like Masters blend. Keep it in the refer to keep it cold. Pour a little in two separate containers. I use beer cans cut down. Have a container of fresh acetone and one to empty the syringe. Between injections load up with acetone and blow it out ready to load A+B again. Clean syringe when done, sometimes I get 2 sets of feet per syringe. Have fun,Pat

  3. hmw

    hmw New Member

    I use Masters Blend. We store it in the fridge so when it's mixed it doesn't set up as quick as if the fluid was room temp. You could use 2 syringes, 1 for A and another for B and inject equal amounts. Buy your syringes and needles from a farm and ranch store - they are cheap. I go through lots of needles.
  4. papagoose

    papagoose papagoose and goslings

    you can buy needles from any pharmacy as well as the syringes for about 10 cents a piece
  5. wow thats better then 45 apiece
  6. idbatman

    idbatman Active Member

    There are a lot of post on this ....... Use the search button for more.

    Masters Blend self help
    Keep it cold, the fridge is fine but the freezer is better.
    Paper Dixie cups , a little in each to load your syringe out of. Keep the caps on your cans!
    Syringes are available on eBay REAL cheap.
    Fill the syringe with a cc of each STARTING with the dark or RED component . The residue off from the clear or Blue ( a minuet drop ) will contaminate the Red . But I have never had the Red contaminate the Blue.

    Now comes the hard part... injecting . And I'm posting here because I hate this whole process but it makes the best looking feet.
    If you can take the feet off ... Do it!!!!!!!!! You will get a fantastic job. Pre pose them . Fill them . Paint them. But
    Most of us work on time and budget so we do this after the bird is mounted.
    There is a tutorial using a sand which bag ... it works.

    Problems are ... needle point in the tissue = wont inject ..... needle point pokes a hole = spray on feathers . ...... over fill = bubbles in the web, flows out the top into feathers, sprays back at you through injection spot. .........Dry feet = wont inject ........Rehydrate feet ( with soapy water ) = several needle holes spray and fluid goes every where. I rehydrate the feet from up in the palm , it works but not as well . Injecting small feet ( Teal , Buffies, etc ) is a nightmare.

    These are just a few of the problems I have found with the stuff ........ I am still searching for a better answer with good results. I will say that if the stuff is running out of the toes use some small pins to keep it in OR I have had moderate success with a blow dryer to get it to set fast ( this stuff sets like any other....... with heat).

    Keep the acetone close! If you get a spray clean it .... now .. fast .... several times !

    Good luck!