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young horse- what am i looking at here?

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by grygon, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. is this 2 or 1 set of not-yet-erupted canines? the ones near the molars almost seem to close to the molars to be canines, but you can see they are sharp like canines. then the ones just an inch or so down where the upper jaw has a suture... is that just the suture or also sign of unerpted canines?


    bottom teeth show no signs of any coming canines, for comparison.

  2. The teeth right in front of the molars are called wolf teeth. Not all horses have them. The teeth coming in at the premaxillary/maxillary suture line will be the canines. The teeth further forward are all incisors. The photo below is from the following site which has a good explanation of horse teeth: http://www.restless-night.com/articles/horses_mouth.shtml

  3. Interesting how the two halves of the lower jaw are completely fused - is that typical of horses?
  4. Yes, horse mandibles typically fuse at two to three months of age.
  5. fascinating! so they're not canines, but wolf teeth, when close to the molars. i will try to file away that important info. i believe my other horsie has those, but i might be remembering wrong.
  6. Wolf teeth = premolars
  7. pre-molar is a term easier to remember! ;D
  8. SD Cowgirl

    SD Cowgirl New Member

    Most horses have their wolf teeth pulled as they can get hit by the bit and cause pain. Some as mentioned, don't have them.
  9. i went outside today to check out my other horse skulls and one has wolf teeth. the other has both top and bottom jaw canines. woo hoo, something in the water out there where i picked these 3 horses up lol.