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Question on degreasing..

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Megan1308, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Megan1308

    Megan1308 New Member

    Ive tanned two coons with Deer Hunter's & Trapper's Hide Tanning Formula, and they have both come out really oily. I "de-greased" them with dawn dish soap as the instructions said, and after reading many posts, dawn dosent seem to cut it. I've been reading up on the Rittle's super Solvent degreaser, and I've heard it works excellent. My question is, the instructions to that degreaser says after letting it soak for half an hour return it to the pickle, I have never pickled anything. Would I be able to take the coon out of the salt bath and put it in a different bath with the degreaser for thirty minutes and then take it out, rinse it and then tan it? Or do I HAVE to pickle it after?

  2. navajo

    navajo New Member

    Re: Re: Question on degreasing..

    Thats how I got into tanning. Same product, coon as well. (houndsman). That crap I don't think will ever give you good results on a coon. Only advise I have is try something else.(lutan f). Not any harder to tan, results are great, fairly easy to do. Price if I remember is cheaper lutan f way.

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  3. muscle20

    muscle20 New Member

    Yes a pickle is a must! By pickling a skin you are removing elastin, collagen, fats insol, soluable proteins, cleaning up the fiber bundles, albumins and globulins is a natural glue and you have to flush this out in the acid pickle, and the acid pickle is the only way to flush out, After the skin has been in the pickle for a few days after you shave then can be put in a warm degreasing bath for an hour, using a quality degreaser this bath also must contain salt and agitate it freq., then you can return the skin back to the pickle and agitate freq.. for another day or more, then can be put into your tanning agent or tanning agent applied, what ever method used.
  4. Now that's very good advice.
  5. Exactly why I now send all mine out. But good advise for those who choose otherwise.