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4'x6' tumbler almost done

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by passthru, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Building a 6' x 4' tumbler. it has a 4' X 3' door for enough access to load and unload saw dust. Still need to install the motor and cannot wait to try out.

  2. little elk

    little elk Member

    Hey Passthru,

    Looks great!! I would be interested in a copy of the plans.

  3. Wow, nice! Keep us posted as you get to try it out!
  4. very nice looking drum. You might want to add some screening panels maybe 3 that are 1' x 3' with 1/8" mesh would be plenty. Cover them with removable solid panels for drumming. A little more work but they make it nice to be able to screen you hides after drumming. And definitely cheaper and easier than building a whole new screening drum.
  5. Great Idea MVT.. Will implement. Little elk let me finish and work out the bugs and the I will let you know.

    Ordered pulleys and a drive shaft for the speed reducer. Using a 1 hp motor with 1750 rpm to turn drum.
  6. Is it a 4'diameter by 6' wide?
  7. it is 6' in diameter and 4' wide
  8. Hi passthru, I don't want to throw a monkey wrench in but I doubt you will be happy with pulley's. I have a 7' drum and ended up putting a chain and sprocket drive on it because the pulley belt will just slip. Even if you get them tight enough, after a few good loads the belts just seam to stretch and then you are constantly having to tighten them. I can try and send you a picture tomorrow of how my motor is set up with the chain drive tomorrow if you want I will have to figure out how to post pics on here though. I am pretty computer illiterate.

    Your stand and drum mounting are almost identical to mine. The only difference is I built an octagon drum. Without diagonal bracing from the vertical uprights to the feet you will find the unit is going to jump a little from the flex at start up. I still have not added the diagonal bracing to mine although I have them welded up and ready to put on. Hopefully this might save you a little time and money fine tuning.
  9. The perspective of your photo makes it look wider than tall. Could be my monitor too.
  10. MVT, yes I would like to see your set up with the chain I PM'ed my e-mail for ease of sending pictures. I am all for learning from others.... Do you have a reduction gear drive on yours?
  11. I used a dual belt drive on mine and it works great. Regardless when you go to order your pulleys or sprockets they are pricey. What rpm is the gear box you are going to order? Grainger?
  12. Originally I was not going to us a gearbox but reduce the rpm by pulleys. But now rethinking that. My motor is a 1hp and 1750 RPM not sure what I need in way of a reduction gear box to achieve 18-20 RPM? 120:1? Any thought on this.
  13. I have a 2z309 18:1 ratio 96 rpm from grainger. If my budget had allowed it I would have gotten this one 1L341 with 20:1 ratio. 88 rpm. I reduced the rpm by 5 using a 3" pulley on the speed reducer and a 15" on the drum. It turns at 19.2 rpm. If you use the same pulleys I did with the more expensive gearbox you will get 17.6 rpm. You may want to consider the better gear box since your drum is larger than mine. The motor and gear box are coupled with a lovejoy connection on mine. Buy your pulleys from capitol bearing, they are much cheaper than grainger.
  14. Got your PM I will either send the pics on here if I can figure out how or send them to your email. My motor and gear box are also from grainger. Been to long since I built it so I cant give you particulars now but will check them out and let you know.
  15. Hi passthru,
    Here is the pics I promised. The motor is 1750rpm 3/4hp 240v model E513 with a 39.1 gear box 1067in lbs torque 3" drive sprocket off motor 14" at drum. 7' drum. I built it octagon as I thought it might help hold the hides a little better until they got to the top for the drop. I have three screens in it approx 8" x 30" they seam to be efficient enough to get a decent screening. The motors on both are mounted on adjustable plates coming off the upright on the stand. This makes it easy to adjust tension on the chain or pulley.

    the small drum is a 1/4hp 29.1 gear box 5" pulley at motor 13" at drum. I need to change this as it is a little fast for my liking.

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  16. Awesome.... thanks for the pictures