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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by CodyTheCorgi, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. CodyTheCorgi

    CodyTheCorgi Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

    Hello everyone!
    For my 8th grade middle school class, I am doing a 15 minute presentation about taxidermy. I am looking for a fellow taxidermist that will answer the following questions.
    I am hopefully looking for someone that does taxidermy as a profession ;)

    1: When did you first get interested in taxidermy?

    2: How did you know you wanted to be a taxidermist, and why?

    3: What is your favorite thing about being a taxidermist?

    4: What is the most difficult thing, and the most expensive thing, you've ever mounted?

    5: What is the worst thing about taxidermy? (grossest, strangest, etc.)

    Thank you all so much!
  2. verne

    verne Well-Known Member

    Why don`t you just talk to a taxi in your town :D

  3. Old Fart

    Old Fart Active Member

    Perhaps she wishes to get a wider variety of answers!
  4. Oak Leaf

    Oak Leaf New Member

    I already KNOW I'm far from the most interesting person you can interview on here (from a Taxidermy aspect anyway) But since everyone else seems to have lockjaw, I'll answer your questions.

    1: When did you first get interested in taxidermy?

    I first had an interest in Taxidermy when I was about 10. My fathers friend was a taxidermist and sometimes I'd see what he was working on. It always seemed like fun and he never seemed like he was "working". He was creating! I've always loved art and animals, so I think taxidermy was a natural progression for me. However, I didn't actually start learning taxidermy on my own until I was about 28 years old. Like learning guitar, I regret having not started earlier, but hey, never too late to do something you love!

    2: How did you know you wanted to be a taxidermist, and why?

    Who said I WANTED to be a taxidermist? HAHAHA...Just kidding. It just felt right. Animals, hunting, art, creative expression, creating things on my own, all things I feel very passionate about. Why not roll them all into one giant ball of fun called taxidermy!

    3: What is your favorite thing about being a taxidermist?

    I don't know if I can choose just one favorite thing. I definitely like seeing the different bucks that come in from around the area, some that I've even been hunting. Antlers are just kind of magical to me. But I also enjoy being creative and thinking up ways to make a mount break out of the box. Accomplishing something with your hands like that is also very rewarding. AND...I also love analyzing an animal and seeing how things work. How perfect nature is in making these animals, they really are amazing.

    4: What is the most difficult thing, and the most expensive thing, you've ever mounted?

    Just a lifesize black bear...I know...I'm boring. I'm also very new at this, so be kind. lol

    5: What is the worst thing about taxidermy? (grossest, strangest, etc.)

    Worst thing? I don't know. Hard to say. None of it is "gross" in my opinion. Strange? Well that depends on who you ask. There are probably a lot of people that would find many aspects of taxidermy strange. For instance, boiling skulls is probably not on very many peoples "to do list" for the week. Hahaha The worst part is probably when someone is coming to pick up a mount. That anxiety you feel. Are they going to like it? Are they going to LOVE IT! Will they hate it? OH MY!!! Will they see any of the flaws you see that seem to jump out at you!? THAT is the worst part of taxidermy for me. I become a nervous wreck until they say they love it! (or at least like it).

    Hopefully someone else answers you instead, but use it if you need it. Good luck!!!
  5. CodyTheCorgi

    CodyTheCorgi Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

    @verne, because i dont know any :(
  6. 1. My dad first got me interested in Taxidermy, becuase he did his own trophies on the side. He couldnt find anybody within a resonable driving range with the quality he was looking for so decided to do his own. I became interested but never really got into it much until I took a nice mid 140's class 8 point my junior year of high school we wanted it proffesionally done but there was still no quality and my dad being self taught did his best on the peice

    2. After that I new that this was what i wanted to do, I loved being in the outdoors, hunting, fishiung and such and what better way to remain a part of it than to make your living as part of it.

    3. My favorite thing about taxidermy would be the sense of self accomplishment you get after a peice is complete, I often after finishing a peice put the lights on dim throw some spot lights on it and just look at it, It's like watching a child grow or a peice of wood thats goin to be a peice of furniture take shape, when you first start it doesn't like like a duck or a fish or a deer head but the further you get into you start to see it take shape and come to life it's a feeling like none other.

    4. The most exspensive thing I have ever done is a Life size Blackbear, as far as most difficult all of them at some point become a challenge one fish may go easy but the next may be like goin 5 rounds with Mike Tyson when he was 18 yr old and that goes with any animal.

    5. The worst thing about taxidermy as far as gross stanpoint goes I canot stand the smell of coyotes and PAPER PULP!!!!! anyone who has ever dealt with it know what i mean. In a different point of view there is no such thing as the perfect mount you can't put it back the way the good lord put it here, I don't care how good you are.You make mistakes cut holes, deal with iffy hides ,freezer burn and much more. I also have the what is the client going to think feeling.

    Hope this helps out a little, Good luck with your presentation
  7. I'll answer your questions in case you need a woman's point of view...

    1. I was 18 and I was checking out the ducks my dad would get mounted. I wanted to know how it was done.

    2. I knew right after I went to the library and got a book on how to do it. I love birds and was always drawing them while I was growing up. My dad and I hunted ducks and
    pheasants and we belonged to a club so I was around dead birds a lot.

    3. Being able to touch them and work with them and of course I love seeing how excited the customers are when they come pick them up!

    4. The most difficult bird to mount for me is a toss up between a Bald Eagle and a Tundra Swan(because of it's size). The most expensive were peacocks.

    5. The worst part about mounting birds is the condition they are in when they bring them to my shop. It's hard to fix what buckshot and/or freezer burn does to a bird.

    Hope that helps...let me know how your presentation goes. If you need any more info or pictures feel fee to email me at [email protected]
  8. Oak Leaf

    Oak Leaf New Member

    Even if this wasn't for a school project, I think this is a great thread. I hope more people will answer. It's interesting to learn about other taxidermists.
  9. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    !.) My first interest was when I attempted to mount a woodpecker Id found as an 8 yr old kid, using styrofoam from the box my microscope came in.

    2.) I realized that the dead stuff I found needed to be preserved somehow or the flies were going to carry it away.

    3.) Its how I met my wife! That and my love for wildlife and art combined into one.

    4.) Poorly tanned animals are the most difficult to put back together. Pets are the most difficult in general for me. The most expensive would be some of the bigger african species.

    5.) Dealing with non paying customers from a business perspective. Other then that, spoiled specimens are the worst.
  10. Whitetailart

    Whitetailart New Member

    Although I am not full time. I will try and answer some of your questions.

    1: When did you first get interested in taxidermy?
    When I was in my early 20's because I always had an interest in the
    Outdoors and wanted to do my own stuff . I was cheap and did not have the $ to
    have someone else do them.

    2: How did you know you wanted to be a taxidermist, and why?
    I new that I was going to be a taxidermist when all my Friends want me to mount their stuff.
    Then I realized I could make some money at doing it. Although not much $.

    3: What is your favorite thing about being a taxidermist?
    The friends that I have made through doing it over the years. Along with the Artistic things that can be applied to mounts.
    instead of just a head on the wall.

    4: What is the most difficult thing, and the most expensive thing, you've ever mounted?
    Difficult : That would be fish for me. (painting) The most expensive thing would be a Marco Polo
    And a African Lion that is coming up to do.

    5: What is the worst thing about taxidermy? (grossest, strangest, etc.)
    Spoiled Skins hands down.
  11. 1) I first became interested in taxidermy when I shot my first pheasant, but I didn't become interested in doing it myself until it came time to look for a career path which was about 10th or 11th grade in highschool.
    2) I didn't know for sure I wanted to be a taxidermist until after I tried a few other things in college and then went to taxidermy school. The first thing we worked on was fish, and after I finished my first fish I knew, at least the fish part, was something I wanted to make my career.
    3) My favorite thing about being a taxidermist would have to be being my own boss. I think more than anything that's what I have always wanted. My favorite thing taxidermy related though would have to be when a client picks up their trophy. I am nervous before every piece is picked up, but so far have had nothing but very good reactions to my work. I don't think any amount of money can make up for the bad days or the jobs that fight you the whole way, but when someone can't thank you enough and is in awe of the work that has been done, that is my reward for those bad days and hard parts of the job.
    4) I think the most difficult thing I've mounted so far would be a couple small trout skin mounts, but they were not really that difficult. I am working on a 400 pound lifesize black bear right now that I think will be the most difficult. It will also be the most expensive project I've done so far.
    5) The only think that I would consider gross is when someone brings be a skull to do a European mount that has been sitting out for weeks. It seems they don't want to quit showing it off until it stinks so bad they don't even want to touch it anymore. That's not too often though. The strangest thing so far is it seems that when someone finds out you are a taxidermist, one of their top 5 questions is always "Can you mount a person?" I don't know why people want to know that, but I get a lot of questions about what can be mounted and when they get nothing but yes, I guess maybe they are just stepping up the ladder to see if there is anything that can't be mounted. My answer to that question has always been, I don't know if it is legal, yes it is possible, but no they don't have enough money! Maybe some day I'll run into someone that might have enough money, but I don't think I even know anyone that has that much money right now.

    Hope it helps. Just for reference, April 1st will be the first day of my third year in business. I went to taxidermy school for 8 months before that. I am currently working part time towards a goal of full time in the next year or so.