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problems wiyh tanned bear HELP

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by bigbear 669, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. bigbear 669

    bigbear 669 Member

    I purchased a dry tanned black bear, it was shaved pretty thin and seemed to be in good condition, i rehydrated it by lightly spraying with water bottle and putting it in a bag for two days it rehydrated ok with exceptin of face and pads. as i started to sew up cuts i noticed very fast that the hide just tears, is there any suggestions on how to get this thing to stop tearing? Thanks
  2. rbear

    rbear Well-Known Member


  3. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    It sounds like a case of possible dry rot ... 'acid swelling'. It may not be all over the hide ... it can be 'patchy'. One thing to do is to literally patch the skin in these tender areas rather than sewing.

    I use a very thin suede skive skin. These are available from Tandy Leathercraft. You can also skive - shave - a hair-off Deer hide to create these thin patches.

    Apply Barge brand rubber contact cement to the skin, on either side of the cuts in question ... let it dry. Apply the same cement to the patch piece of skin, and allow it to dry.

    With the skin laying FLAT - important point here - press one half of the patch into contact with one side of the skin at the cut. Be sure to draw the cut skin together well, then lay the other side of the patch in place.

    Press the patch into good, tight contact with the skin. No sewing needed, and the skin will have a bit of flex in this area as well.

    I've done this with some capes I bought years ago. They were all older tans, and there was some dry rot issues, so I developed this method of holding the weak parts of the skin together.

    On one Wildebeest cape, I ran a strip of suede patch down the entire length of the dorsal incision - on both sides - so I could sew the cape closed. You just have to think things through sometimes, and come up with creative solutions.

    Best of luck to you.
  4. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller Active Member

    Great tip John! Love it.
  5. Light Rail Coyote

    Light Rail Coyote Active Member

  6. mislynx

    mislynx Member

    "putting it in a bag for two days". Where did you put it, just out ?