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35% peroxide ?

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Skull Man of PA, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Skull Man of PA

    Skull Man of PA New Member

    How long you guys soak a skull in it? Thanks
  2. Skull Man of PA

    Skull Man of PA New Member

    Let me ask this... Can you leave a skull in too long? Any advice would be appreciated. thanks

  3. remington 1

    remington 1 New Member

    Re: Re: 35% peroxide ?

    Not really. I sometimes leave them in over night. No damage.

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    were you getting 35% at?
  5. From what my skull guy told me it is now more like 30%.

    He said something about the department of homeland security having some problem or concern with people getting 35.
  6. Skull Man of PA

    Skull Man of PA New Member

    univar is where i get it. I can get 35% and 50%.
  7. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I use straight 30, after 48 hours, that is all I need on fresh stuff with my process. Any longer than that and I see erosion on thin spots, and teeth dissolving.
  8. Skull Man of PA

    Skull Man of PA New Member

    thanks mr.t! thats what i was trying to find out.
  9. 35%....48 hours no more...most if degreased properly will only need 24 hours or less. Depending if you want the teeth white or stained. Other factors play into it. If you degrease in lacquer thinner make sure you dry them completely as the interaction between lacquer thinner and the peroxide will dissolve the bone quickly. If you are simmering your skulls and using soda ash, the soda ash can weaken the bone and the peroxide will eat it up quick if you are not watching it.

    Univar in my area now requires a site visit to purchase 35% or 50% Home land security requirement. It is to make sure you are a legit shop and are storing the peroxide in a locked building.
  10. Flacer22

    Flacer22 New Member

    Bought a 55 gallen drum of 35ammonia percent today and dident have to jump through any hoops
  11. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Just picked up a 30 gal drum 2 days ago...no problems.
  12. skullclnr

    skullclnr Active Member

    No more than 24 hours, if u are degreased that's all u will need.
  13. Out of curiosity, not sure it even matters, but after degreasing do you guys dry the skull before putting it in the peroxide or just put it in?
  14. Skull Man of PA

    Skull Man of PA New Member

    I always dry mine first. Not sure if it matters or not but its just the way i always did it.
  15. bulldog4949

    bulldog4949 "Mounting your Memories"

    I dry completely. I use 35% and soak for 24-48 hrs and have NEVER had a skull get damaged. EVER!!
  16. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    I leave skulls in it til I think about getting them out....sometimes that can be a week. I have never had peroxide harm a skull.