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replica profit

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by rough water, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Great subject! I haven't done a skin mount in probably 5 or 6 years now. I get $25 (might go up soon) per inch for a one sided wall mount plus anything additional like driftwood, name tags, lily pads shipping and crating etc. I offer a skin mount price but no one hardly bites and thats just fine with me. I usually charge another 2-5 dollars per inch more for skins. If someone wants a ped. mount, depending on the species i'll just add another couple hundred dollars to it plus the base, maybe more. When people call and gripe because of price its all good with me. Thats just more free time to catch my own fish for a change.
  2. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Wow, I don't do alot of fish, but doing more and more every year with alot of repos coming in and I wouldn't be any less than 21/In on repos, and that is one sided. Larger ones and saltwater, I charge even more and most clients are not worried so much about price as they are the quality. I am really enjoying doing them now thanks to some of the great talent on here.

  3. Brian Claar

    Brian Claar New Member

    Re: Re: replica profit

    Travis, I like the way you think. ;-)
    I have thought about raising my Skin mount prices above replica's.
    How has that worked out for you? I would be very interested to hear.

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  4. It doesn't and thats my point. So far I haven't had a customers back out of a mount they just like what they see in a replica plus its at a lower price. They are happy and I am happy. I've had a couple of guys that really considered spending the extra but then decided not to.
  5. Bill Dishman

    Bill Dishman Well-Known Member

    Ill have to agree with Brian,Travis and Matt. Its a no brainer. You need to figure out what you need to make on Repros above and beyond what your expenses are. Fourteen bucks an inch wont hack it... you better be up there to at least $20.00 an inch.
    What the other taxidermists in the area charge is irrelevant. Just because they're cuttin thier own throats at 14 an inch is no reason for you to. Charge your own price.
  6. No Cole I have $1.50 per inch cost in painting one. Thats not what I get for a repaint.
  7. Paul C

    Paul C New Member

    So that 40 inch king I just painted cost me $60 in paint ALONE?!?! WOW! I'm gonna raise my prices again. Thanks John.
  8. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    I'm glad I don't have $1.50/inch in a paint job. I'd have to raise my prices to $16.50.
  9. roundyracer

    roundyracer been to the mountain and seen the elephant.usmc 68

    I do roughly 10 fish to 1 shoulder.Only once in a great while do I sell a customer on replica's.Those 8,9 and 10 pd bass are like gold to most.They holler replica isnt the real deal.How are you or what approaches do you use in the selling point?Yes ive preached quality and long lasting.I do like the thought of skin mounts even higher.
  10. Perca

    Perca Well-Known Member

    PM sent
  11. rough water

    rough water Member

    I'd be interested in hearing how you are selling the replicas over the skin mounts as well
  12. If you price your skin mounts well above your replica price that becomes the selling point.
  13. I don't have a selling point. For a 25" 10lb bass, I give them option A: skin mount say $750. option B: Replica $625 and option C: custom Mold and Cast $950. They make the decision themselves. Their wallet is the selling point. I could care less, either way I'll make enough money to make it worth doing either. Skin mounts = lots more work therefore more money. Custom mold and cast are even more work so more money. End the end 99.9% choose replicas because of the cost and its way less work. If your per inch price is high enough you can afford to get a LCR replica which is even less work with an awesome product. This might not work for all but it fits my scenario perfect.
  14. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    How many of you are living off of $30/inch skin mounts? Do you have any other source of income?
  15. marshy creek

    marshy creek New Member

    Trav.....you are right on the money!....it might be hard for the blue gill/bass people to see that ocean species bring in big bucks...and if you produce the work like you do, people will pay....those with million dollars sportfisherman, don't haggle with price......a 70" white marlin @ 28.50 per inch is some good ging.....if you do good work, regardless of price, people will find you.....and pay....it's all good business sense.....find and create your own market and not follow others
  16. I get your point 100%. I don't live off of it. I do have a day job and thats why its important to me to do get the amount of money thats worth going out on nights and weekends to do them. My "off" time is very valuable to me. Especially with 2 kids that I'd rather be hanging out with than painting a fish. You don't get that time back when its gone. All in all I'm just saying make it worth your time and effort either which way you do it. Don't cut yourself short.
  17. roundyracer

    roundyracer been to the mountain and seen the elephant.usmc 68

    Sorry Cole but,I do you might say Im on the Obama/Bush Plan.Retired and that Va check doesnt leave much to outprice myself.
  18. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    If I did this as a hobby I would charge $1500 for life size bobcats, and $35/inch for fish. I have a family to feed and clothe and this is my only income. It's a balancing act trying to command the highest price possible without negatively effecting your workload. My work isn't good enough to charge $35/inch.
  19. aspenangler@hotmail.com

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    marking for future reference
  20. Perca

    Perca Well-Known Member

    Sometimes it takes a while, but the truth usually comes out. ;)