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American Stuffers

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by T Still, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. backcountrychad

    backcountrychad Active Member

    I love the show. It's just entertainment folks. Can U imagine the free exposure Xtreme Taxidermy has gotten? We are taxidermist, so we will have a different outlook than 99.999% of other Americans. I would try to protrey our industry in a more professional manner, but different strokes different folks.
  2. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    That's pure horseship. I would hope that none of us are interested in degrading and bastardizing what we do for the sake of some clown show director. (I know we have some self-admitted taxidermy whores who say they'd do anything to make a buck, however.)

    Not to worry Bill. That segment that doesn't have a clue still won't have a clue after watching that bunch of yahoos.

  3. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    I have never watched a show after this I guess I wont be.
  4. I've watched a couple episodes, That's enough for me . I want more mounted in Alaska!
  5. gab

    gab Active Member

    I am a taxidermy whore but i want to make money,not lose my customers,my employees and possibly my family.i've been contacted a few times.I just point them towards La Grange ;D
  6. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    ROTFLMAO gab. Wouldn't Mike fit right in. Sitting there on that blood covered tile floor caping out a longhorn.....
    Sorry Michael. Couldn't help myself.
  7. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

  8. Ron B

    Ron B Life Sucks.....Then comes the death roll!!!!

    I love it. He could partner up with Jonh bulluci (spelling). Then the directors wouldn't have to put on a bunch of contrived drama! YOU"D GET THE REAL CHIT!!! Just imagin the DP versus tanning debates! I'm smelling a hit. Better fights than on that gold dredging show!!!!!!!
  9. tviper56

    tviper56 Active Member

    Watching Stuffers is kinda like going into WalMart and taking a good look around after a bad day. You just have to feel better about yourself and what you do. :)
  10. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    forget just the freeze drying business they have....everything hanging on the walls of the showroom looks horrible.....they call themselfs the adams family and their regular work shows it
  11. gab

    gab Active Member

    tru dat!
  12. Headstuffer

    Headstuffer New Member

    A friend of mine sent this saying to me and I have it on my office wall, "Most of the people who criticize what you're doing are people who can't do it themselves"
  13. kikkertinz

    kikkertinz Glass half full

    i have a saying on my wall too " I used to have a handle on life....then it broke"
  14. Justin P.

    Justin P. Active Member

    That's what gives us license. Some of us here CAN do taxidermy.
  15. Brian W

    Brian W Active Member

    I saw "part" of the raccoon trainwreck episode and that was enough for me.......
  16. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Thank you Justin. I figure I'm not a good taxidermist using the scale I use for others, but I know one thing, I did work like that in 1958 and I'm already up to 1970. That guy damned sure can't say that.
  17. cwt

    cwt Active Member

    Its still just a show. All Dolled up to be entertaining. No one wants to sit and watch one of us rednecks taking apart and putting back together a deer for an hour unless they are taxidermist and then in that case buy a video from mckenzie or WASCO. I dont understand why everyone always fusses about this. It is the same thing with mounted in Alaska, someone on here always points out how fake it is. If you like it watch it if you dont pick up the remote and change the channel.
  18. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    cwt do you realize that bitching is one if our inalienable rights? And if you don't like listening to us bitch, just don't read the post.
  19. Wow, the quote traditional taxidermists comment about the dorsal skun dog chapped my a$$. Do they not attempt to do traditional taxidermy there as well? As someone mentioned Dixie was the smartest one of the bunch. Sad thing is I tuned in because I also freeze dry and figured maybe I would gain a little knowledge. Then he didn't even know if he soaked a head in water it would re-hydrate and he could move the eye he botched, until Dixie told him, LOL! I just felt like they were a little below average mammal guys with bad birds and horrible fish, that couldn't resist the offer for a TV show. Until the moron started talking crap about a traditional taxidermist being an idiot for dorsal skinning?. I liked mounted in Alaska much better. Russ was way more of a professional, a good businessman, and the guys on there didn't seem like the result of multiple generations of inbreeding. Oh forgot to mention guys and gal.

    2 bad they can't get some cameras in the shops of some of the guys out there that could really teach us something and show this as a true art.
  20. We need to force Micheal P to take over the show. His wild antics and ways of intertaining/ choice wording is all the drama and intertaining needed.