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The more i read this site, the more excited i get..

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Bigbucklover69, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Bigbucklover69

    Bigbucklover69 New Member

    Well this is my first post on this site and im really glad i was told about it. I have been wanting to go to school to learn taxidermy for years but never had the time or money. Well finally after 32 years it has happened.. With a baby on the way the wife told me to follow my dream and give it a shot.. So now in april 19th i will be heading to Anderson Whitetail School in Ny..Im intrested in doing Whitetail mounts as that has always been my passion..Im so excited to give this a shot.. i work full time and hoping that this will be my dream part time job. Im sure i will be asking alot of questions on here and im sure ill get a ton of great answers.. Wanted to thank you all in advance as i read threw here it looks like you are all here to help one another..Thanks again and i hope everyone and there family have a amazing easter....
  2. I would get the Rick Carter dvd also !!!!! ;)

  3. X2 Silverman, I am so glad I made that investment.
  4. Jdewitt27

    Jdewitt27 New Member

    Thats great to hear. I went to Andersons about a year ago and I am so thankful I had the opportunity. Make sure you take PLENTY of notes and draw diagrams when ya can....that helped me out alot. Good luck and tell the boys hi for me!
  5. Bigbucklover69

    Bigbucklover69 New Member

    I deff will order the dvd and watch it,, i watched a small clip on his page and seems very detailed.. jdewitt, i will deff tell them u said hi,, it feels like xmas is coming, i already got 3-4 mounts in the garage that when i get outta school i can practice on.. I think the biggest thing so far for me is what to use.. there is so many diff makers, diff eyes, diff ears, but i guess only time will tell on what to use,,, i see some people recommend ohio taxidermy forms, others say mckenzie,,i got a flyer from Tasco as well.. so many choices.. any info on what the best forms to use wld be a great start..
  6. There are a few makers that fit the deer here in NY very good, some of the others you have to reform yourself to fit and that can be kind of fun some times and some times not so much fun !! :eek:
  7. Watch the dvd first. That way you aren't going in completely blind.
  8. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    I agree, watch and study some good DVD's and do your homework. It will help you be somewhat better prepared and make learning somethings alittle easier for you, good luck!
  9. Bigbucklover69

    Bigbucklover69 New Member

    Ok sounds good, i got one dvd but ill have to order that one today,, what forms are better for ny deer as we know there no as big as those southern deer... what forms wld you recommend to look at...
  10. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Not you too, Silverman!!!!! Not the old "my deer don't fit those forms" tale. Please tell me how it ain't so.
  11. Mr.T

    Mr.T New Member

    One or two dvds / videos will not make you a taxidermist, nor will a class. These are just to get you started. Forget the idea that certain forms fit specific deer according to geography. The fit is in your hands, not the form. Any deer cape will fit any form. You just need to find what you like to mount on. Listening to others on what they like, may not be what you like. And there is no "best" form. The magic comes from your hands, study and practice, not so much the form. The latest and greatest form today, the McKenzie 6900, pictures of that mounted form have been posted here, some of them sharp looking, some were ugly, all the same form, but different levels of experienced taxidermist and hacks. Proving that with the "best" form can produce a gem or a clunker of a mount, the look and fit is in the hands of the taxidermist. I am not that good personally, but have bought enough different forms to know that they all look like I mounted on them when I was done.
  12. fozziebear

    fozziebear New Member

    I remember when I was this excited about taxideeeermy.......now I only get that excited when I DONT have to do taxideeermy. Tons of GREAT advice here, especially what Matt said and T mentioned, Get the DVD watch it over & over! After spending that kinda money its best to go in knowing....wait slash that , being familiar with what the instructor is saying, otherwise you will get hung up on something silly and miss allot of other stuff. My first year at our comp was my first instruction of ANY kind and I went to fish ,bird , molding &casting , gamehead , seminars and guess how much I remembered out of it .............. NONE ! I really needed to just focus on one category and try to (lol) master that......as you can see I am still in that one category ....deer , deer , deer . In allot of cases this is gonna be your "bread'n'butter of your biz anyway so get good at that first, again JMO. Keep a good atttitude , keep it humble when you get good and then help the next guy when your ready ! Good luck !
  13. All that I was saying was some fit like a glove and the others you sometime have to shave down or sand down.For example the 6900,I myself have never seen a neck like that in my time and I have seen alot of bucks.I do see alot of them being shaved down that look awesome.IMO
  14. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Don't feel bad Silverman. A LOT of us think that thing is a friggin mess. First thing I do when I get one is to remove the goiter from the side of its neck. They don't fit "my deer" either.
  15. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    i'm one of them also george...that outside swell is not right...i don't care who thinks it is
  16. Bigbucklover69

    Bigbucklover69 New Member

    Thanks guys for the great advice thats coming in,, Im deff gonna focus on one thing and practice and practice on it until im happy with the product. Just whitetail for me and see how that goes.. I got the pen and pad ready, the dvd ready and gonna sit down and watch the dvd, takes notes on things im confused on and see what happens,, im sure i will make a ton of mistakes but can only get better from there,,well i hope so at least lol..