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How long in peroxide during the degreasing process?

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by northwoods, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. northwoods

    northwoods Member

    When you guys are going back and forth between degreasing (dawn, ammonia, acetone, etc) and peroxide solution how long do leave a skull in the peroxide to help loosen the grease? I just don't want to leave it in for too long and have it damage the bone. I'm curently using about a 50/50 mix of room temperature BO and water to help with degreasing. I always let the skull completely dry if I'm putting it back in acetone and when I go back into the peroxide. When I take it out of the peroxide and put it in a bucket of hot tap water, the "peroixde boil" really helps get the grease out but I don't want to do it too many times and end up with a damaged skull. Thanks!!
  2. I always just used the peroxide after it is degreased to whiten. I degrease in a tank around 100 degrees or so with water and ammonia. When the water gets dirty change it (usually daily) until it stays clear for a day or 2 then it is degreased. At least that is the way I have had the best results. You will go thru peroxide like crazy if you use it one greasy skulls.

  3. Kevin M.

    Kevin M. Active Member

    I maserate till clean . Then degrease. And then peroxide.
  4. On sturdy skulls I'll put a bit of peroxide (usually old used peroxide) in the degreasing solution on a few water changes. On fragile skulls I minimize the time they are exposed to peroxide. I usually only use one degreasing method unless they are stubborn.
  5. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    I go back and forth between detergent, ammonia and acetone to degrease. I just use peroxide at the end to whiten.
  6. northwoods

    northwoods Member

    Thanks guys. IMO peroxide helps me speed up the degreasing process a bit. It just seems to have that little extra umph to get some of that stubborn grease lose. When I peroxide boil a skull and no more grease comes out it tells me that it's done. Usually 2 or 3 times. Been a good process for me, but I'm no professional either.
  7. horsefeathers

    horsefeathers Member

    I've had good results with using the BO diluted with water as a degreasing step. After maceration, I let the skulls degrease in dawn and warm water, or ammonia for two weeks or so, changing water every two days. Then I'll let them sit in water for a day, followed by a 24-hour soak in the hydrogen peroxide, another day in a water bath, then back to warm water and dawn or ammonia. It seems to really help out on those skulls that just don't want to give up the ghost on grease.
  8. northwoods

    northwoods Member

    horsefeathers - Sounds like a very similar process to the process I use and I agree it seems to really help get that stubborn grease out. Rather than 24hrs, I usually leave it in the peroxide for 2 days at a time.