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Tons of large african scraps PICTURES ADDED

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by ShadowWulf, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. ShadowWulf

    ShadowWulf me and my shed hunting pup, Cody

    I have a lot of tanned african scraps if anyone is interested. I can get pictures in a few hours, just wanted to see if there was an interest in them before I spent about half an hour photographing everything. There are no back hides, but I (think) there are a few wildebeest pieces, and I know I have different hooves from different animals (including a zebra hoof). There is a whole lot of variety in there, and I think there is a whole pronghorn (not sure if it is a buck or doe) face included as well. I have not had these long, but I will be raising a service dog soon for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and he/she will either become a seeing eye dog, a drug sniffing dog, an autism dog, or a search and rescue dog, so I need some extra $$$ and did not think about it when buying it. cost would be about $100 tyd anywhere in the lower 48 states.

    Pictures to come soon if there is any interest. I don't know a lot of the different species that was included, but I know there is a large variety. Feel free to message me, or comment here.

  2. RedWolf7

    RedWolf7 New Member

    Re: Tons of large african scraps

    Any zebra skin sections?

  3. ravenswings1

    ravenswings1 New Member

    Re: Tons of large african scraps

    Would be interested in pics, thanks
  4. LFC

    LFC New Member

    Re: Tons of large african scraps

    pics would be nice
  5. ShadowWulf

    ShadowWulf me and my shed hunting pup, Cody

    Re: Tons of large african scraps

    ok guys here are the pictures, sorry about the poor quality, the light wasn't that good, and i couldn't find my good camera, had to use an old one.

    [​IMG] the thing that has the tail like thing on it is (I think, not entirely sure) a really large piece of blue wildebeast, it is all folded up, and it really about twice as big as in the picture

    [​IMG] zebra pieces and hoof

    [​IMG] pronghorn face

    [​IMG] a large piece of moose (I think that's what it is) and some antelope

    [​IMG] Tahr (?) hooves

    I also have a piece of rear half of an antelope backhide w/ hooves i can include for $20 more. really thick fur on it, and still has a little bit of a tail.

    Thanks for being patient everyone, sorry it took me so long to get the pics up,

  6. ShadowWulf

    ShadowWulf me and my shed hunting pup, Cody

    all pms returned, all emails returned, still have had no takers, lots of interest though. and its been a week, so bump
  7. ShadowWulf

    ShadowWulf me and my shed hunting pup, Cody

    Ok lets give this another and final bump. I am currently waiting to hear back from someone on the African pieces however if I don't hear back from them then I will be taking this down and just using the scraps myself. I would like to sell everything as a whole lot and this ks really a great deal. Thanks everyone for your interest so far.
  8. ShadowWulf

    ShadowWulf me and my shed hunting pup, Cody

    Bump. I need these GONE. First reasonable offer gets it. Im starting college and have no time anything besides work and school and my dogs right now. Plus I will have no where to put them once I move out. Throw me what you think is a reasonable offer and they are yours!
  9. BlueFrog

    BlueFrog Member

    Still waiting on an email address so I can pay you....
  10. ShadowWulf

    ShadowWulf me and my shed hunting pup, Cody

    Oh my god sorry about that! This have been so flippin crazy with college prep and everything it slipped my mind. Sending it now!