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Hobby - Moose Antler Carving

Discussion in 'Wildlife Artwork and Crafts' started by spencercutler, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. spencercutler

    spencercutler New Member

    Here are some of my recent carvings. Any comments/suggestions are appreciated!!


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  2. I carve also,what I can say is look at some reference photos,this will get you in the right zone.Proper head,legs,muscles,and body styles.Then you can start getting into the hair patterns and habitat.Give the wolves some detail and try to get the moose nose to look a little bit better,good start.

  3. timheff

    timheff New Member

    gorgeous looks awesome !
  4. icpurplepplalot

    icpurplepplalot New Member

    That, and I would look up some books and what not that would help you with perspective, as that is off in the actual antler carvings. Good start indeed though.
  5. Igor J.

    Igor J. New Member

    Nice start, I like those whales and eskimos in canoes they look realy good.
    As for the wolves their posture shoul be little bit changed the right one is leaning to much.
    Find some wildlife photos in magazines and try to replicate them.
    Just keep carving and you will get better and better.