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Blacktail Mannikins

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by sealow, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. sealow

    sealow New Member

    Hey all,

    Getting started in as a hobby for right now. I've got a Columbian blacktail I'm working on and noticed that there really isn't a huge selection of forms for blacktails. One of the only places I've found that actually catagorizes a blacktail form is Research Mannikins, so my rookie question is, how different is the anatomy of a blacktail with that of a mule deer, and could I use a small mule deer form for this blacktail mount. Thanks in advance.

  2. Head is wider deeper and eye sockets are different. Shorter eye to nose as well. Body is almost identicall just smaller for California and costal Oregon bucks. Down the road-

  3. I have found that the mule deer form necks are longer than the blacktails.
  4. matt dockstader

    matt dockstader The Butcher Shop & Taxidermy

    Re: Re: Blacktail Mannikins

    Personally I preferr mckenzies blacktail forms research is good but mckenzie has much better detail

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  5. country

    country New Member

    X2 with Matt.

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  6. Mckenzies does have a nice blacktail form. The Bill Lancaster form in Research is my preference but think that the eye socket and tear are WAY too wide. Cut head off and then cut nose off just at the end of the lip line. Take a 1/8 in space out of the head between the eyes and MONEY!....... BUT THAT'S JMO